Brisket for one?

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  1. I really want to do a brisket, but have a hard time justifying cooking an entire brisket for just myself.  Can I just smoke a point or flat? I have a local butcher here that is pretty accommodating, any suggestions would be appreciated. 
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    I have never smoked just a point.. but flats yes I have. My last time I never foiled it which I was I had once the IT got around160 or... it was good but alittle dry.
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    Do it on the weekend and invite some people over? Shoot, that's what I do and I'm married. My wife thinks its so I can justify loading up the smoker. It kind of is, but leftovers freeze really well...
  4. You can find small flats at most groceries.
  5. Thanks
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    If I could buy just the point I would make nothing but burnt ends!
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  7. You can buy just the point - I've seen them for sale plenty of times. When they sell the flat they have to do something with the point too  [​IMG]   [​IMG]
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    dougmays Limited Mod Group Lead Publix sells 3-4lbers all the time. 

    Another idea is smoker a big one but save the extra meat for sandwiches or whatever else for the next week. I have a vacuum sealer so i'll cook a bunch of food at once and seal and freeze what i dont eat.
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    We are big fans of cooking/smoking more and then saving the rest for leftovers, a few days later, vac packed and frozen for way down the road, all good.
  10. Igor,
    I have smoked many flats 6 to 7 lbs, I inject with 1/3 ea of apple juice, vinagar and bouillon. I try to hold at 230 or a little below, I smoke with apple blocks, I use a Maverick dual probe, Water or juice in the water pan.
    I have always gone fat side up. I keep smoke on it till About 160 then I put it in a pan and cover it with foil pour a little juice in the pan as well maybe 1/2 cup. I will take it back out and put it in the smoker at 175 or 185 and let it stay in till 200.. Take it off and wrap it twice in heavy duty foll, and let it rest in a warm place for at least an hour. You will be able to rake the fat off the top with the back of your knife. Save the juice in the pan it's delicious. At this point cut into portions eat 1 wrap the others in cling wrap then a freezer bag and freeze them.
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  12. Thanks for the input, I've been looking for an excuse to get a vacuum.
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    you can get a Vacuum Sealer brand one for around $40..that's what i have. Also Lisa B on the forum sells cheaper bags then the name brand ones, so if you get a sealer check her website out!
  14. I've bought whole packers and separated them and smoked only the flat and only the point (I grind the other piece into burger). Both are delicious, especially the point!

    There's only 2 of us, so I smoke it, make Chef Jimmy's Au Jus. I then slice my brisket, lay a meals worth in a flatish plastic container, add au jus to cover and freeze. After it's frozen, I pop it out of the container and vac seal. It's just as delicious as the day I smoked it. I normally just slowly warm it so I don't cook the meat to death and this way I have the au jus with it as well. Leftover smoked brisket makes excellent Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches and Fajitas too!

    Smokey Au Jus

    1- Lg Onion,

    4-5 Carrots,

    3-4 Ribs Celery

    3-4 Peeled Cloves of Garlic

    Toss them in a pan under the Beef, and let the whole deal Smoke for one hour,

    THEN add 4-6 Cups Beef Broth,

    2 Tbs Tomato Paste,

    1/2t sp Dry Thyme (4-5 sprigs Fresh)

    1-2 ea Bay leaf

    Finish the Smoking process to the IT you want.

    While the Roast is resting, dump the pan juices veggies and all into a 2-3 Qt Sauce pot and add 1 Cup Red Wine, something you like to drink, and bring the Jus to a boil, lower the heat and simmer 20-30 minutes. Strain out the veggies and let the Jus rest a minute or so for the Fat to rise. Skim off the bulk of the fat then using strips of paper towel laid on top of the Jus then quickly removed, take off the last little bit of fat.

    The purpose of Smoking the Vegetable for 1 hour before adding the Broth and Herbs is...The Smoked vegetables Roast in the Dry heat concentrating their Flavors and Sweetness giving the finished Jus a Richer, Deeper, Full Flavor.

    Serve the sliced Beef Au Jus or thicken the Jus to make Gravy.

    NOTE: If you are using this recipe with Brisket, 15-20 hour smoke, additional Water will have to be added periodically to maintain the proper volume. Do not add more Broth as repeated addition and reduction will make the Au Jus too salty..
  15. Awesome advice, thanks much.

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