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Discussion in 'Beef' started by foamheart, Sep 4, 2015.

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    5 hours in, my MES40 and the meat probe agree that its maintaining 275 degrees, according to my two Maverick Remotes the box is actually holding 220 degrees. I have relit the Amazin Pellet smoker now 5 times and have changed over and now using the MES Cold Smoker. From mesquite to pecan...... It works wonderfully in my MES30 so I'll blame the MES40 that can't tell temperature....LOL

    I am really just starting, nothing but opportunities to get it to smoke easier......... Its smoking it takes hours.... no stress area. So lets start with some pictures.

    First I am sure you all saw the cryopac'd brisket yesterday when I was making chili meat. Normally I never trim a brisket, why waste all that lovely fat besides it so much easier to remove the access after it cooked/rendered. BUT this brisket was on sale for a reason, the meat was grey and looked like freezer burn and the fat looked really bad. I had to do something. Ya know I have started trimming the edges just to get fresh meat exposed. BUT ..... Let's get back to pictures.

    Here's what I trimmed off

    Guessing that 13 lber would be lucky to make 10. But look how much better it looks! Oh and note the notch on the upper left corner, you only have to mess up once. I have been, when using the MES30 taking a huge notch and that way a brisquet will fit in the MES30 (just a secret for those of you with an MES30. I grind up what I take off for .. what else? Chili!

    Flat side up, fat cap down, and rubbed with my forgotten mostest favorite brisket rub.

    I tried an injection the other day and I liked it so much, thought I would try it again..... Lots and lots of very small injections with simplicity.

    Wrapped that bad boy up in the good wrap. Love this stuff and it lasts forever, its been years since I bought that roll. Its like magic and it just keeps coming out!

    In the reefer over night to think about all those lovely flavors absorbing into the meat!

    I wanted to show you all something too. if you'll enlarge the photo see all that pepper. There is no oil, mustard, or banana juice to act as glue, its sticks there all by itself. So well that when I removed the plastic wrap tonight The pepper stayed on the meat, not even in the plastic wrap.

    Maybe a better picture...... There is a rubbed and injected brisket which sat overnight and the plastic is clear and the brisket is nicely rubbed.

    Now the brisket meats the smoker..... which highest temp is 220 degrees, I guess its good for sausage if I used the Nesco. BTW you might notice which way I stick the fat cap........ it looks 100% better than it did when I got it.

    And I start the Amazin, that way the meat can preheat a little while it mellows out. I was going with mesquite pellets, I had mesquite chips, but the cold smoker was already loaded with pecan shells, so was going with the amazin.

    About an hour later I decide to insert the aux smoker and probe the that beast.

    I hate opening the door cause the MES40 just sheds its heat

    And inserting the lit and smoking perfectly Amazin

    Hour later check the meat, I guess its a draft problem <shrugs>  Frustrated and loosing the cherry smoke absorption temp. I pull the Amazing, fire up the cold smoker which was already loaded and ready.

    I relit the Amazin outside the smoker again to see if it was the smokers fault like I suspected.

    Anyway the meat is at 140 IT and has yet to get smoke, but it is now.

    This is 5 hours in now........

    Well as soon as I can get some smoke on it, I'll probably pull it and finish in the oven.

    It just wasn't my night, but it will all work out, when you have a long smoke never let it faze ya, you have too much time to regroup.

    I'll try and get back later with some updates if I don't fall asleep!!

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  2. I like the industrial sized rolls of foil and plastic wrap as well. The major drawback is how heavy they are when new. I need help to carry it out to the car. Once home, I'm on my own to get it up the stairs and inside.

    Have fun and get some sleep!!
  3. foamheart

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    I have a foil one also, its so old the foil is thick enough to cut your hands if not careful. There is never a need to double wrap anything.

    I did something I don't normally do tonight, I iced down in a bucket with some longnecks. I know its in my mind but that makes beer soooo cold.
  4. tropics

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    I'll be watching.

  5. dingo007

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    Looking good Foam.
  6. crankybuzzard

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    Looking good from here!

    Might be time for a mailbox mod for the MES
  7. twoalpha

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    I'm In     [​IMG]  
  8. foamheart

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    Thanks guys, 

    < passes out some fresh Popcorn and sets a bucket of iced longnecks on the table>

    Its been 12 hours, 220 degrees (I assume), IT is 202, its soft but not hot butter soft! I am not going to last much longer, I am afraid I am just drying it out now.

    And it could be the packer..... I said how nasty it was when I opened it. Just getting impatient now I guess...LOL See it happens to everyone.

    Even if it ends up no good, that smell is worth a million dollars.
  9. And here I thought I would be the impatient one last night. I'm still a couple of hours from finishing my last butt.

    A little too early for longnecks...

    Maybe a wee bit of cognac in my coffee instead... [​IMG]  
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  10. crankybuzzard

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    Love that smoke smell!  Funny how when you're smoking that your neighbors tend to want to talk more...
    It's always noon somewhere!
  11. foamheart

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    Neighbors dog is always in his doghouse, I mean any shade when its hot, right? He been pacing the length of the fence all morning......
  12. foamheart

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    Getting ready to pull the brisket because it is butter knife tender and oddly enough not falling apart. LOL

    I am going to now foil it with a what was left of the broth and a little Claudes for foiling sauce.

    And into the oven to sit at 100 degrees for awhile. After an hour I turned the oven off, kept that door closed.

    After sitting for 3 hours, it said it was well rested!

    IT was down to 145

    I don't care, I gotta try some!!

    The bark is almost crumbly, its crunchy, I LIKE it!

    Are ya ready for it?

    Inside is tender and you can see the juicy! No smoke ring, but not expected from an electric.

    I can pull from each end of the slice and it opens like and accordion but I can't pull it for you and take a picture.....LOL And for some reason every piece I pull falls and on the floor so I have to eat it quickly to prevent waste. I mean I wouldn't want someone else to get a piece of old dirty brisket!

    If any is left for supper.....ROFLMAO! I will try and get a Bear-View (Tm) but I wouldn't hold my breath. I am thinking a nap would be nice about now.

    Thanks for following along with me......
  13. floridasteve

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    Great job!
  14. tropics

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    Kevin you did it right 5 sec. rule it works,looks so juicy.


  15. I see the icy cold longnecks provided a measure of patience. Also looks like the neighbor's dog has to go hungry tonight.

    Lookin' good from here!!
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  16. foamheart

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    Thank ye sir......... Its got a great taste also. I don't think I will ever use a rub on brisket again, its just salt and pepper from now own.
  17. c farmer

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    Nice briskey. Looks very juicy.

    Might have to cook one now
  18. b-one

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    Looks a lot better then the one pound I bought for $19.95 last night!
  19. foamheart

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    Thanks Riche

    You know I have cooked briskets all my life (although I prefer spare ribs), and Mr. BD Skelly taught me a trick. I would never tried it on my own either. Injection, nothing fancy, nothing over powering, kind of like adding the finishing sauce to a butt. Just broth with a touch of Lea & Perins and of course I had to add a little Tony's for taste (or so I could plug up the needle continuously while injecting so it feels normal)....LOL Lots of very small injections with zero pooling.

    It really makes a HUGE difference.

    Thanks again my friend.
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  20. foamheart

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    Thank you.

    There is just something about a galvanized bucket full of ice and longnecks. If I ever open a bar, restaurant, and gentleman's club..... Its gonna be the specialty of the house!

    Gonna name it "Goldies' Social Club, Tabernacle & Grill" !!!  <Chuckles>

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