Brisket Failure to Success!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jsk53, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. jsk53

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    Here is my second attempt at a beef brisket. My first one, which I did a post on last week, was a complete failure.  After getting a number of replies from my brothers here on the forum, I got great suggestions on how to correct the problems. I also picked up a new rub recipe as I really didn’t like the first one I used. I also changed from pecan to hickory.  As my new MES40 had just arrived as a replacement for my well used MES30 and armed with new procedures, I picked up another packer brisket (13 lbs) and went at it. This time I did little trimming as the fat cap was already at about ¼” but I did manage to trim off about a pound and a half of fat, and desilvered the top a bit

    As the smoker was getting up to temp, ( I had already seasoned the new smoker the day before), I mixed up the rub, oiled the brisket with olive oil, and worked in the rub on both sides. It took about an hour for the smoker to stabilize at about 230 degrees.

    Into the MES40 and we’re off..

    I kept up the smoke for 6 hours and kept the smoker at the 225-230 degree mark.

    After 6 hours, I pulled the brisket, put in the meat probe and wrapped it in heavy duty foil two layers thick. And back on the smoker.

    About 4 ½ hours later, the meat probe in the flat hit 200 degrees.  I pulled it and put the wrapped brisket in a cooler, covered with towels for an additional 2 hours to rest.  I was amazed at how hot it still was when I got it out and uwrapped it.

    After letting it sit unwrapped for a few minutes, I sliced a couple pieces off and it was tender and moist. The flavor from the rub was perfect and the hickory did the trick.

    This was a marked improvement over my first failed attempt and I think the adjustments I made based on the help and input I got from several folks here, turned a failure into a winner!  Thanks to all.
  2. pigfeet33

    pigfeet33 Fire Starter

    That brisket looks awesome! Did you get a good smoke ring in the MES? I have been looking at getting one for a while but my buddy who has one says it's hard to get a good smoke ring (not that smoke ring is super important when you have a brisket come out looking like yours). Great job! 👍
  3. hardcookin

    hardcookin Master of the Pit

    Congratulations on your 2nd attempt Looks pretty darn good. Thumbs Up
  4. b-one

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    Congrats it looks tasty!
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Nice brisky smoke ! Thumbs Up
  6. redheelerdog

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    Great job! Looks fantastic, glad it came out good for you.


  7. smokinal

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    The brisket looks fantastic!

    Points for a great second try!

  8. jsk53

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    I didn't get a smoke ring but the flavor was sure there. I've read that using an electric or gas smoker won't create a smoke ring. Not sure why, but that's been my experience as well. I like the temp control of an electric smoker so I guess that's the trade-off. Thanks for the comment!
  9. crazymoon

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    Jsk53, Nice job on the brisket  sir !
  10. smokeymose

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    Smoke ring is like "bark" IMHO, pretty but not really needed.If it's tender and tastes good, you've got a winner!


  11. muralboy

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    way to keep at it.  looks good.

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