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Discussion in 'Beef' started by conn, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. conn

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    Great forum. Have a dilemma that i would like to throw out to the group. I will be smoking a small 8 lb brisket for tomorrows dinner. Am puting on the Traeger and am trying to decide if i should start it tonight on smoke....approx 200 deg, or start tomorrow morning at 230-250. Am thinking the longer smoke would impart good flavor, but am concerned the longer smoke may also dry out the meat.

    Any advise is appreciated.
  2. ronp

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    It is still early at least here. I would start now at 225' and after 6 hours of smoke I would put in a foil pan and set it at 180 or so and go to bed.

    If you have room for a drip pan, put some beef broth about 3 cups under the roast with a few thinly sliced onions, you will have some incredible aujus to go over your meat.

    Good luck!
  3. capt dan

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    200 is too low of a temp in my opinion. I smoke mine at 245-260. Never tried one at 200, never seen a good reason too.[​IMG]
  4. conn

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    thanks guys. Dan, i think i will take your advice and start tomorrow at a bit higher temp.

    Ron, thanks, I don't see myself staying up another six hours to watch it, so think its best to get it going tomorrow. But will use the pan with the beef broth when I smoke.

  5. mballi3011

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    I think that I would just get up alittle earily and smoke it at a normal 230-250 for how ever long just leave yourself enough time to wait out the stall if there is one and have enough time to put the brisket in the cooler for aleast an hour longer if you need to. I have left one in the cooler wrapped in several towels make sure that the cooler isfull of towels and meat. But I have left one in there for around 4-5 hours. So get alittle sleep and wake up earily.
  6. bmudd14474

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    I agree with Dan. This is too big of a piece of meat to cook at 200. You wouldnt get out of the danger zone fast enough.
  7. old poi dog

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    I do not mean to change the subject, but I must ask the Captain:
    Did you foil this brisket or did you smoked it to the final temperature? Thank You [​IMG] Now I'll wipe the drool off my keyboard.[​IMG]

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