Brisket - Cooked to perfection on Electric Smoker Masterbuilt

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     Many times I've seen where people have asked about smoking brisket and have it come out dry. It happened to me the first time and it will never happen again!

    The mistake people make, and me included was to cook it like another piece of meat to an internal temp of 165. That's the mistake! Here is the secret -

    I cant fit a whole Brisket in my smoker so I get just the point. I prefer it as its tastier and has a ton of fiber thruout that once its rendered in the smoking process, its the best you can ever eat! The flat is a little more lean and still makes a good piece of BBQ using these steps.
    • Get a 4-5 pound Point
    • Trim off a little of the fat cap to keep it a little lean
    • slice the fat cap down to the meat in sections so the rendered fat can pool there and help keep the meat moist, and this will allow more rub to get to the meat
    • prepare the rub -
    •     Use 25% salt
    •             50% pepper
    •             then the rest with garlic powder, chili powder and paprika
    • rub the meat with oil
    • rub the meat with the rub
    • throw it in the smoker at 225 with the Amaze-n pellet smoker filled with HICKORY (Going Texas style here). Note the smoker only needs to be half full, as the smoke on meat will only be for 4-5 hrs
    • Install the meat thermometer
    • Cook for about 4 hrs till an internal temp of 150
    • This is where the stall happens - the meat sweats and doesn't go up in temp for a while and this freaks people out! First you think you re cooking too fast and make all kinds of bad decisions. Here's the RIGHT decision.....
    • Take out the meat and wrap TIGHTLY in heavy duty foil. Add a 1/2 can beer, and some more rub.
    • Put back in smoker with thermometer in the meat - and smoke till internal temp gets to 203 !!! This is the MAGIC number. Start waiting for it at 200. This will take an additional 4 hrs
    • Take the foil wrapped meat out of the smoker and wrap in a towel .  Take this and put into a cooler or microwave and leave in there for about 2 hrs. Don't put ice in it!! That's a mistake
    • Take it out, throw on a grill - high heat each side for 3-5 minutes - this will make the bark tough again as the wrapping will make it soggy. I usually leave it at that because the meat is PERFECT !
    • Slice and eat.
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    Heres some more pics

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