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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tallsmokeman, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I was all set to go to restaurant depot and pick up a brisket to smoke on saturday but before i did that I researched here first! Now I'm more confused than ever! I learned about a packer, point and flat. how to seperate them etc, etc. I'm assuming buying a packer is more economical than just the flat.

    My 1st brisket I want to be as simple as possible. With all that in mind, what are your suggestions?

  2. miamirick

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    be ready for a big one    at RD the smallest is usually 10# and up   they only sell full packers so you will get the whole thing 

    be ready for min 12 hour smoke so i put em on the night before and finish it off when morning comes     i like to take to 160 then seperate point and flat   wrap seperately in foil pans and take to 200 210    then let rest and pull    briskets are the probly the toughest piece and it will take a few tries before you get it down.    take notes on what you are doing then next time tweek your system to get it more to your liking      many variables with rubs, marinading, injections,   so trial and error is going to be in your future

    good luck and happy smoking
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  3. I was planning on getting up at 5am and getting it started.
  4. venture

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    Rick, as always has you headed in the right direction.

    Also note that separating the point from the flat doesn't just mean making a vertical cut to shorten the brisket.  You can do that?  But the separation is often done along the natural seam, and that won't shorten the brisket as much as the vertical cut does.

    Doing the proper separation will give you two different products that are each better in their own right.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. what is a good size flat brisket I can buy from publix?
  6. miamirick

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    publix has small ones  4 to  5 lbs but cost is going to be the same as a full packer at the depot    just go for the big one have fun with it and freeze leftovers for use later 

    i just got one last week there for under $2.50 lb and i thin k publix is almost double that amount

    costco is the next place to go over publix      also wally mart has some packers too 
  7. ok......RD here I come!  I'll prob just smoke the whole thing instead of the 2 seperate pcs......where should i put the temp probe in?
  8. smokinal

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    In the thickest part.

  9. Ill be honest I started with just flats. One was because my smoker couldnt handle that full size packer (neither can my current one) and two I didnt want to mess up that much meat. I think now Id be good doing a full packer Id just have to seperate it before smoking it.
  10. eman

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    Just smoke the whole thing the seperate the point and cube it for burnt ends.
  11. Im putting the whole packer in smoker, which part if meat should i insert temp probe?

  12. Thx Al!

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