Brisket Cherry Will Be Poped Tonight

Discussion in 'Beef' started by nhbuck, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Tried a brisket on the grill once was tough. Thought it was overdone but after being enlightened by all you veterans here realized it was undercooked. Tonight will be my first smoked brisket and doing an overnight with her, actually twins for my first smoke!!! Picked up 2 10.5-11lb briskets at Sams Club. Last night prepared a rub of Paprika, Onion and Garlic powder, dash or two of seasoned salt and some black pepper along with some yellow mustard. Put it on placed both briskets in a large aluminum roasting pan and covered with foil and placed in refridge. Tonight about 7 the smoker will be fired up about 7 and the girls should be on the grates by 7:30. Plan on using charcoal with some Pecan Wood and a handful of soaked Hickory chips. Figue I will let it go until 11 and then spray them with Apple juice and flip them. Plan on trying to keep the temp between 225 and 250. Modifed my ECB with all the suggested mods except the top vent. Will be using sand covered with foil in the water pan. Hoping they will hit temp of 185 to 190 by 9:30 tomorrow morning. Then they will be double wrapped in foil and placed in the cooler until slicing time at 2PM.

    My only concern will be the brisket i place on the bottom rack overcooking. Momma has mkade me some fudge and a coconut pie and got me a 6pack of coke and said she will get up at least once during the night to be sure I have not fallen sound asleep on my watch and let the temps dip to low. Any and all suggestions or critique are welcome
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    On my WSM, the top grate runs hotter than the lower one, just keep that in mind. Good luck with your briskies!
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    They do not need to be flipped over, but if one is on the bottom grate & one is on the top, you may want to switch them about halfway through. If not, then it would probably be a good idea for each one to have it's own temp probe so you can monitor the internal temp of both of them, as they probably will cook at a different rate. We usually take our brisket to 200-205 even for slicing. I know most don't, but we like it real tender. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys appreciate the tips. Think I might have to run to Lowes and grab another themometr and mount it between the upper and lower rack. Right now I have the original crappy "Ideal" thermo and a charbroil one a few inches away on the lid. I am getting hungry from the anticipation.
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    Ok the briskets have been on for an hour now and she is holding steady at 200. I think that will be my biggest battle all night will be keeping the temp between 2 and 250. I have the pan on 2 bricks and several air holes drilled in each pan. Couldn't find any grates for the bottom of the pans. So I will just watch it and be sure to keep my 200 min. Set the alram for every 2 hrs through the night just in case I nod off. Hoping the sand in the water tray will help hold the temp as well. 
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    Is it done yet?
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    Well Here is the story. I battled the temps all night. I would only get about 1.5 hrs of consistent 200 to 250 temp. I hit the stall at about 3:30 AM at brisket temp of between 158 and 161 degrees. It lasted roughly 4 hrs!!! At 8:30 I had to make a command decision. With 30 people coming at 2 and having to head to church at 10  and the briskets at 166, I warmed the house oven to 300 degrees wrapped them in a single layer of foil and placed them in it for an hour. At 9:45 they were at 189 and 191. So I double foil wrapped each one and placed them in a cooler with towels. 2 PM they were opened and sliced to serve as people wanted a piece. The bark was good and the brisket was  well I don't want to give you all a big head because of what I have learned from all of you, but it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! 22 lbs of brisket went on the smoker. All that was left were the scraps that were stuck to the fat cap and that was enough to save for a sandwich for me. Several folks said it was the best they had ever had.  Thank you to all members of this forum. I was reading posts on and off all night.

    The R2D2 looking Brinkman will be a backup soon. I am buying an Old Country Vertical this week.
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    Way to had lots of pressure on you but you came thru...
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    Sounds like you made a fantastic brisket!

    Too bad there were no pics!

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