Brisket challenge

Discussion in 'Beef' started by four20, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Well.....

    When you take the good with the bad. You get challenged.

    Cryovac'ed fatty mass.

    I'd say trainee mistake. in the old dairy cutting room.

     Big fat chunk had to go.

    Separated the flat from the point.

    The point half. Fatty, fatty 2x4.

    Flat and Point side by side.

    Six Lb of trimmed fat. It was just too much to cook.

    Salt and Pepper. Stacked to provide a conformed roast.

    Into the....... Sows Ear.... Silk purse???

    We shall see.
  2. 3montes

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    Looks like a brisket challenge. Nice job on tying it up! Should be fine all that fat will make some good tender flavor. I opened a 10 ponder yesterday for the smoker today and was surprised at the lack of fat. Almost looked like a 10 pound flat. Cryo wrapped can yield some surprises when opened up! [​IMG]

    This is mine all seasoned up with cbp and smoked Maldon sea salt.

  3. smokinal

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    Try putting some of that trimmed fat on a rack above the brisket so it drips on it all through the smoke.

    Nice tie job!!!

  4. To me it was not necessary to put the fats above the meat. There was so much engrained in the muscle itself.

    Into the smoker with a 12 oz beer in the drip pan.

    Soaked Oak bourbon barrel wood chips.

    It was late when it came out of smoker so no pic of it coming out. Here are the two halves separated after 8 hours of rest on a cooler wrapped in foil.

    Sliced thinly for Easter dinner.

    The salt and pepper only is my favorite. The meat has a sweetness inherent from the beef fat. I am very pleased with the way this poor cut turned out. Juicy, Tender, Lightly smoked, and becoming one of my daughters favorite's. I feel that leaving the massive amount of fats would have been too much, and would have increased the cook time. Now by stacking the halves You do not get a smoke ring all the way around, but I and no one else eating is complaining one bit.

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