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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bnew17, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Im debating on whether to smoke my first brisket this weekend or not. I will already be smoking some chicken. I recently had my first Burnt End sandwich from a local place and i am HOOKED. Ive been doing some searching on here for more info on burnt ends but im a little confused. Does the "burnt ends" generally come from the point or the flat?

    Also does whichever piece you use, get cubed up entirely, and the entire piece be used for "burnt ends" ?

    What do you do with the other piece of brisket while you are finishing the burnt ends?
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    The point is what you want for the burnt ends. You can foil/towel wrap and rest the flat for slicing while the burnt ends are taking their second ride in the smoker.

    Here's a couple links of a few batches of burnt ends I've done...these are from pre-smoke seperated briskets...the second link shows pre-smoke seperation:  

    This one is a full packer smoke, then seperated for sliced flat and pulled point, but it shows you how to do the seperation after the smoke...takes longer to smoke, but it's easier to work with the meat:  

    For the best smoke penetration and reduced cooking time, I prefer the pre-smoke seperation, and when I'm feeling a bit lazy, I go for the the full packer smoke, which takes up to twice as long and you only get smoke into one side of each muscle of the brisket due to the fat cap, but other than that it's considered by many to be the best way to smoke brisket.

    I'm sure others will be along as well, but these should answer most of your burnt ends questions as well as a few other regarding the the almighty beef brisket. BTW, brisket has a unique flavor which doesn't require alot of special seasoning to make for great eating. Garlic, salt & pepper will do the job. For burnt ends, I have tossed 'em in sauce or dry rub after cubing for before the second smoke, and either way is good.

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    I prefer to separate the point and the flat before smoking as well.  I like to wait until I get four or five points and then have a little get together and do just points for a party.  From what I have read and heard, the term "Burnt Ends" came form the practice of smoking whole packers and then when the flats were finished they would trim off the not quite finished points, and throw them back in the smoker until they were finished.  They usually were pretty black by that time thus looking "burnt", don't know if that is the real truth or not but it sounded good to me when reading.  Depending on where you go it is done both ways.  If you trim before smoking I think you can make out the two different meat grains when carving, that is purely my opinion though.

    Here is a nice little tutorial from our own Pit 4 Brains:

    It took me carving five or six packers before I finally felt like I had it down.  

    Regardless of how you do it, I think Burnt Ends are hard to beat!!!
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    Regardless of how you do it, I think Burnt Ends are hard to beat!!!


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