Brisket, baby backs and Q-View!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by wlkwichita, May 9, 2010.

  1. My daughter wanted to invite her boyfriend and his dad over for dinner, and begged for some Q! Who am I to refuse?
    I did another brisket. Got an nine pound cut from Sams. Rubbed her down, and smoked at 230F. I placed a foil tray of apple juice on the grate below the meat(in addition to the water bowl). When she hit 160F I double foiled, pouring in some of the heated apple juice and drippings. Left it in the smoker until it hit 197F. I was looking for the borderline between slicing and pulling. I wanted slices, but wanted them extra juicy and tender. Yup, I hit it right!
    I also did two racks of baby backs done with the 2-2-1 method. I mopped some sauce on them about 20 minutes before pulling.

    Boyfriend and his dad were impressed, my family was also very happy.
  2. caveman

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    [​IMG]Looks great. Good job. [​IMG]
  3. hhookk

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    Wow that looks great. I can see why they were impressed.[​IMG]
  4. That is a Drool factor of 10+ !!! That looks real good!
  5. lu1847

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    Nice presetation, i can see why they were impressed..... good job!
  6. bigolboysbbq

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    Looks good man, wish I was invited over for dinner haha.

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