Brisket & Aus Jus w/ Pics and recipe

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    I decided to hold off on posting this when I decided to use parts of it for my Throwdown entry. I did not want to tip anything off....this was actually done on 12/7 with some ribs. 

    I decided to change my brisket rub. I like more of a course rub on my beef cuts. Not to say I did not like my other rub from this cook (First Smoked Brisket). It worked out very well; I just wanted to try something new.

    Brisket Rub 2.0

    1/3c                       Kosher Salt

    3Tbl                        Course Ground Black Pepper

    2Tbl                        Minced Onion

    2Tbl                        Minced Garlic

    1Tbl                        Dried Oregano

    1/4c                       Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

    Yields approx. 1 ¼ cup

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl and rub into your beef.

    I decided to try and adjust my Aus Jus recipe as well. The last one was great, loved it!!! I wanted to make it more of a broth more than a demi-glace style. I decided to go with this recipe (JarJar Aus Jus)

    Aus Jus  (can have some body to it)

    In a pan under the Beef in the smoker.

    2ea         Medium Onion (julienned)

    3ea         Carrots (sliced)

    2ea         Celery Ribs (sliced)

    15oz       Diced Tomatoes

    Reduce the wine on high for 2 minutes then add the Beef Broth.

    Place the smoked vegetables in a pot with rest of ingredients and simmer for 30 min...

    32oz       Beef Broth (low sodium)

    15oz       Red Wine

    1/2c        Worcestershire Sauce

    2ea         Bay Leaves (crumbled)

    1 1/2Tbl   Dried Parsley

    1/2tsp     Dried Thyme

    You can strain the vegetables out for a traditional Aus Jus or you can puree them and make into a sauce.

    I trimmed the brisket and left about ¼” cap on top. I rubbed the brisket with the rub and let rest about 20min on the counter while the smoker finished heating up. This ended up being a very interesting cook. I planned on keeping the smoker at 250 for the entire cook. I did not add my probe to the beef until 4hrs into the cook….

    Brisket Trimmed Weight was 11#

    Time                      IT

    8:00                        37

    12:00                     156

    13:00                     166 (Added charcoal &wood)

    13:40                     166 (Added Ribs)

    15:00                     180

    16:00                     164 *Moved the probe and found it was much lower than thought

    18:00                     170

    18:45                     180 *Pulled the Brisket to rest

    I allowed the brisket to rest for 45 min before slicing.

    I used the Point to make Burnt Ends for my Nov-Dec Throwdown. I diced them into about ¾” cubes, tossed with some BBQ Sauce and roasted in the oven at 375 till the sauce caramelized. Sorry no pics of the final Burn End……

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  2. That looks really good man!  [​IMG]   I've been wanting to try a brisket but so far I've only been able to find pieces smh...   [​IMG]   
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    Looks great!
  4. jarjarchef

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    Sorry just realized I forgot the cut view........
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    Mmm-mmm-mmm!!! Love a good brisket smoke! The whole process and recipes look and sound like it's geared for a great overall flavor profile. And when I see veggies in a pan under meat to make the finishing touches...ooooooh, what a great start to a delicious meal! Good plan and execution right to the end.

    Nicely done, brother smoker!

    I've been so busy these past couple of days playing catch-up here and elsewhere, I guess it wasn't hard to almost miss this one, but glad I caught it...I haven't used similar methods to this for a very long time...too long to remember when...great reminder for me to lean more and more on the basics of food, and simplicity with more natural flavors...that always seems to yield the best tasting meals I've ever made. Thanks for that!

    Hmm, I am now faced with a slight problem, though: how to incorporate this with a dry smoke chamber, as it's been my go-to smoking method for interior moisture retention in meats since last spring...oh crap, look what you got me thinking about now! Can't have both, so, decisions, decisions...wait a minute...smoke the veggies above the meat so humidity stays above the meat and don't worry about drippings for the aus jus or sauce, I guess...I'll figure it out when the time comes...LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing a most delicious smoke with us!

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    Brisket looks beautiful!!!  Yummmm
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    Thank you all for the kind words.

    Eric, with my first brisket I did the same method, but had the wine and beef broth in the pan under the brisket. That gave me a very humid chamber. The way I did this one I kept the wine and broth out of the smoker. It worked way better for me. I know you mentioned having a dry chamber, this was pretty close. I got a very nice bark all the way around. The only thing I would suggest would be either use sliced fresh tomatoes or put the tomatoes with the wine and beef broth. I do not notice too much moisture from the onions, celery and carrots.

    Thank you again for the kind words.
  8. Jar Jar The brisket looks like it turned out the basic rub you used...i have been using simpler more basic rubs on my beef...pork and really like the results. I started getting carried away with rub ingredients and more than once that backfired. I have embraced the KISS method with my meat lately letting the smoke and natural favor of the meat shine though. Congrats on the Throw Down turned in a fantastic looking looking entry. [​IMG]
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    Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see any comments about how the new rub turned out; was it too salty? Did you avoid using sugar for a reason? I'm always curious about how new rub recipes work out so let me know if you can. Thanks!
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    Good point...

    I changed the rub because I wanted a larger texture style rub. The rub came out very good. I will do it again. I like the simplicity of SPOG + Oregano and Lawry's.....use it a lot..

    I do not like sugar with beef....just a personal thing.... I love Aged Balsamic or Port Reductions, but not sugar in the rubs.....

    Salt is a personal thing. Some may feel it needs more and some my feel it needs less. It really depends on your personal taste and who you are cooking for......
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    Ah, I gotcha! Should work out great that way, and no, I wouldn't think those types of veggies would evaporate much water into the smoke chamber...they require a LONG time to dehydrate, so it's a slow release of water vapor. That's my ticket and you nailed it down...I guess I missed it in the pics and reading, but I was intent on prospect of this method and using it for a brisket (or other beef cut), I guess the excitement in seeing such an easy way to do it overpowered my ability to see all the details...and I'm a stickler for details...well, you know that already.

    Thanks for the clarification, brother jarjarchef!

    Sheesh, I gotta go eat something now...past lunch time and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet...this thread's not helping the hunger issues, btw. Like I said, I do love a good brisket smoke...[​IMG]

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    Thanks for the thorough response.

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