Brisket and prime rib

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  1. I'm doing a 16hr smoke on a14.5lb Brisket then adding at last 5hr 12lb prime rib. Seasoning with sea salt and pepper. Little Olive oil. Temp 225-230 +or - . Going to tie prime rib into a roll. No bones on it. Fat up or down. Any tips. Do's or dont's? Start with lump coal and wild plum wood. Any suggestions? Would black berry brandy work as a spray down every 2hrs or not.
  2. How is it coming ?   Be sure and post Pictures

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    I just do SPOG - generally my prime rib roasts do not have that much fat but I put it up.

    Sounds like a plan on the time - I use cherry for mine but never tried plum.

    Post some pics.
  4. Joopster- in the SPOG I got the salt and pepper. Is og orange juice? I'm starting the smoking Tuesday night around 9 meat on. I'll season meat and tie roast Monday. Take pics of that. But how do I upload photos fir y'all to see.
  5. SPOG    Saly, Pepper, Onion, Garlic

  6. Briskets are on since 6pm yesterday. Wrapped at 2:30am when temp got to 170. Prime rib on at 5am. Been spraying Apple juice on meat. Wood fir briskets was hickery and plum. Little bit of masquite wood. Now using cherry and mesquite fir prime rib. Sitting with Apple juice. Question. Do I unwrap briskets?
  7. Or pull briskets and v wrap in blankets in cooler. They're fir dinner noon.
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    They will be fine wrapped and sitting in the cooler.  I usually pull at 175-180 and wrap and leave sit in a cooler for 3-4 hours.  While your waiting get the point off of there and throw it back on for burnt ends.
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    +1 on the burnt ends!! Where's the q-view??
  10. Where's the pictures

  11. Garry fir some reason I can't figure how to post pics. The briskets turned out the bomb but not do much the prime rib. That was tough. Want aged long enough.
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    What temp did you go to on the prime?
  13. I put it on at 5 am. Temp was aerobics 248. I tried keeping around 230-260 range using masqite and cherry logs. 3 1/2 hrs I was at 131IT. This piece of meat is from our own butchering and wasnt aged like in locker. Hanged one day. Next two days cut, packaged and froze. So when I got this out of freezer I let in gruff fir 1 1/2 then tied and seasoned then on smoker. Thought maybe if I dry aged fir a while after butchering it be better.
  14. Around not aerobics
    fridg not gruffs.
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    So what IT did you end up at?

    I am ready to slice mine in 10...
  16. Sorry fell asleep. I wrapped at 131. When I put thermometer back in I felt it was v tough so I left it on another hr it got to 146 then pout in cooler. When I cut it was at 156. Over cooked and tuff. Just wrecked it. So gonna grind it up fir sandwich meat.

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