Brisket and Pork Loin weekend

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    I was taking a trip back to North Dakota and decided to make brisket while I was there.  Monday I trimmed and put them in a marinade, Wednesday I put on a dry rub and was ready to smoke on Saturday morning.  I was using my brother's large gas smoker that has a side box smoker with a fan to blow the smoke through and keep the air moving.  We started the smoker Friday night to be ready for an early morning start.  The first three hours that I had the meat in the smoker I was having trouble keeping the pilot lit on burner and keeping the temperature constant.  We finally figured out the pilot line had a hole in it.  We repaired the hole and we were back on track four hours into the smoke.  My smoker is electric and after ten years of using it I know everything there is to know about it.  I can tell you it took some convincing that his was a better set up.  I stuck to what I know and in the end it took an extra hour to finish the meat but once again it turned out.  Temperature, smoke, time and patience always prevails.  It all turned out well and in the end I smoked twenty pounds of brisket and ten pounds of pork loin.  Stick to the basics that make good bbq and no matter what you cook on you can't go wrong.  As always I learned from this experience and twenty nine of the thirty pounds of meat was gone that night.  That's when you know its good!  The brisket was marinaded with John Henry's brisket Marinade, rubbed with John Henry's brisket rub, sprayed with apple juice and olive oil on the hour throughout the smoke and smoked with apple and hickory chips.  The pork loin was rubbed with equal parts of garlic salt, black pepper and rosemary.  This was also sprayed with apple juice and olive oil throughout the smoke and I used apple and hickory chips for the smoke.



    Dry rub on


    One of the finished products


    Good meat!

    Check out the juices after 13 hours![​IMG]

    Pork loin


    Nice smoke ring.  This is an old recipe worth trying, awesome flavor!


    I know it looks like I threw it in a pine tree but believe me the flavor is worth it.


    I can't say enough about the glaze that the apple juice and olive oil put on the meat.  It really locks in the juices and makes for juicy meat every time.  The pork was pulled out at 160 degrees(I would have pulled it a bit sooner but that's when we pulled this loin) and the brisket at 185 to 190.  Both meats were allowed to sit for an hour before sliced to allow the juices to redistribute in the meat.  I hope everyone enjoyed my first post, I know we enjoyed smokin it and eating it!
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    Great job!  Congrats!
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    Nice job!

    They both look delicious!

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