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Discussion in 'Beef' started by coryb, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Lit up a few coals and filled the charcoal pan in my WSM this morning and put it all together with a 13.44lb Choice grade Angus brisket and two 7.5lb pork butts at 2am.  Smoker hovered around 215-225 from 2am-3am so i went to bed.  Got up and checked at 6am and the smoker was closer to 240-245 so closed one of the rear vents and went back to bed.  At 7:30 my 3yr old son woke me up and after getting him settled I saw about 240 on the smoker.

    At 165 i pulled all three pieces of meat and wrapped the butts in foil and put the brisket in an aluminum pan and covered with foil.  That was probably just before 9am.  Here it is 11:10am and my brisket is at 193.  It was pretty LOW fat content so I hope it doesn't come out dry after heating so quickly.  I guess i'll start tooth pick testing it now and pull when tender...if that can happen.

    The pork is at 181 on its way to 200 when i pull it and let it rest.

    Party isn't until 5 so the meat has once again played the spoiler here.  Hope i can just keep the flat tightly wrapped and resting in a cooler for a few hours until eats.  in the mean time i plan to pull off the point, cube it, roll it in the rub i used and put them back in the foil pan to make burnt ends.  At least those will be good appetizers about 3 when people start showing up.

    ...And i've totally omitted that this is for my father inlaw's 60th b-day.
  2. feeling your pain but any Q is going to be good for the party and the guests wont know the difference or what you went thru.  Enjoy!
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    Everything sounds great Cory but.

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  5. coryb

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    yeah, sorry about the lack of pics.  i usually go into these things with the best intentions, a plan to take pics and all then you get what i had today.  No pics AND get this...i pulled the brisket off after it stalled at 199-200 for an hour and half then started climbing to 203.  Poked it and it was pretty soft all the way around the flat.  pulled it in the house, unrolled a couple stretches of heavy duty foil and wrapped 'er up tight, swaddled it in a big towel twice over and dropped it in the cooler.  Then i stood there and said, 'so how am i gonna make burnt ends now?'

    SO no pics AND no burnt ends on this round.  such is life.
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    Just pulled the two butts off the smoker and put them in some heavy duty foil, wrapped in a towel and into the cooler they went with the brisket.  The pork will be a hit.  Had I not foiled the two butts i don't know how i'd been able to get them off the smoker.  they felt almost liquid lifting them out of the smoker.

    Now i'm being told to take a shower, go get a table and buns.  I have my orders...
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    refuse orders!  do not shower!  let everyone smell what you went thru for them.  lolol.

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