Brisket and pork butt at same time

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  1. Im going to be smoking a brisket and 2 pork butts for my daughters birthday this weekend and am wondering what wood i should use i have a MSE 30" and have never smoked a brisket ive done four pork butts and all turned out great I preferred apple wood with them but i really like the flavor of mesquite on beef and am wondering if i should use it but never havve had it on pork and dont want to ruin either or should i use apple or mesquite. I will be smoking overnight and resting probably 3 hours or so depending on how long they stall. The party will consist of brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. I only need one pork butt for party but if i smoke one i might as well smoke two. Freezer sealed pulled pork is awesome lol. Also should i cook pork above or below brisket. Thanks for all the help
  2. Whether you want to use mesquite or not on pork is a personal choice, although I've mostly read recommendations against it.  The mesquite flavor on pork will probably be strong for some of your guests and may be too strong for you depending on your tastes.  If you are serving meat to a large audience, apple is a good, milder choice.  So maybe some time when you're cooking for fun instead of an event, try the mesquite on the pork and see what you think.  

    It doesn't matter much which meat goes on top of the other.  Obviously there's the potential for some rub or juice to drop onto whatever is lower, so take that into consideration.  For me a brisket takes longer than a pork butt, so I would probably just put the brisket in the warmest spot on the MES and work the pork around/above/below it.  There's nothing that prevents you from rotating them around, either.

    Happy birthday to your daugther, and have fun!
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    If it were me I would use a little of both.

    Like RMS said: Happy birthday to your daughter and have fun.

    Post some pics!
  4. fullsmoke

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    I use hickory and cherry on both not a fan of mesquite myself.its to strong for pork I think hope your daughter has a great birthday!
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    Good suggestion..

    I was born and raised in Arizona so I am a tad biased.. I'll cook anything over mesquite. More often than not it is for the rip-snorting hot coals, but I love the smell of squite and I think you could use it well in your smoke..... carefully and to your liking..

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    You may want to try something in between like hickory or oak.


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