Brisket and fireworks

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokinut, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. After a long time away, I've come back. Work for the last 2 years had been hectic to say the least, working 6 days a week, 10+ hour days. Been smoking a few things here and there of course. But since the 4th falls on a Monday and me actually getting it off, and Sunday being my only real day off, I decided to do a brisket. Bought a 14.5 pound packer, and separated the flat and point just to cut back on the cooking time. Got it smoking at 230° with some hickory and cherry wood.

    And I don't remember how to attach images, a little help?
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    Click on the square box that looks like the sun/moon rising over mountains.
  3. Damn, the flat is already done. Pulled it at 193°.
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    How long was that for the flat? I have a 9# flat going on hour 13 at 225.  IT is 195 right now, about to do the toothpick test. 
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    Looks delicious!

    Nice & juicy!


  6. Didn't even have to cut into the point, so I saved it and will probably end up shredding it for sandwiches.

    And that flat was done in like 7 hours. Surprised me at how fast it got done.
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