Brisket and Babyback ribs attempt

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  1. New to smoking and brand new to the site. Have read about 1000 forums in the past week leading up to my brisket and ribs smoke. Decided to go fat side down with the brisket and do the 2-2-1 method with the ribs. Here's the story:

    14 lb whole brisket and babyback ribs
    2nd go at brisket and 1st time cooking babyback ribs (In any form) since purchasing My 30" Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with the glass door and Bluetooth setup.

    Last night:
    -Cut brisket into 2 pieces (13.95 lbs)
    One large point(11 lbs?), and small flat (3 lbs?)
    -Prep brisket with salt/black & cayenne pepper. Placed on cookie sheet and covered with plastic wrap.
    -Cut 2 babyback rips in half, leaving 4 pieces.
    -Prepped ribs with half assing a recipe from smoker forum due to not having mustard powder, only 1/2 desired chili powder, and used brown sugar instead of what was called for.
    -Chili,cayenne,cumin,onion,garlic,brown sugar.

    Up at 3 am
    -Pulled out brisket to sit.
    -Started up smoker without chips. (30° outside)
    -Went back to bed.

    Up at 6 am
    -Put brisket in smoker. Large on bottom rack, small on 2nd to last.

    -Every hour added chips(40% Hickory, 40% Mesquite, 20% Applewood)

    9 am
    -Pulled out ribs to come close to room temperature.

    10 am
    -Ribs in smoker.

    10:30 or 11 am
    -Took flat brisket out of smoker
    -Wrapped in foil and put in oven at 225°

    12 pm
    - Ribs out
    -Foiled with apple juice(1 cup), olive oil, applecider vinegar, cayenne pepper, minced garlic, chili powder, black pepper
    -Ribs meat down in foil(Back in 12:15)

    2:15 pm
    -Ribs out of foil
    -1 falling apart a bit, kinda mushy like forum stated.
    -Applied stubbs bbq

    3:30 pm
    -Pulled ribs
    -Nice 'bark' on top considering soaked in apple juice foiling
    -Good flavor, fall off bone (Wife loves that)
    -Mesquite flavor, a bit of a bite for pork (consider cherrywood/more Applewood next time, maybe pecan?)

    4:00 pm
    -Ate too many ribs, food coma starting.
    -Pulled cheat flat brisket from oven at 201°
    -Looks great and thermometer slipped in like a hot knife through butter.
    -Wrapped in more foil and 2 beach towels
    -Placed in cooler

    6:15 pm
    -Pulled the big boy out of the smoker when it hit 195° almost 12 hours to the t.
    -Removed flat from cooler
    -Wrapped point in foil and beach towels and placed in cooler
    -Tried out an electric knife I has purchased today. Piece of junk.
    -Brisket was tender and moist, but fell apart. A few good pieces.
    -Will be attempting Brisket Chili tomorrow haha
    -Hoping the big boy makes it all worthwhile when i cut it in about an hour

    I will post some pics of the brisket shortly.
  2. Final product. Good flavor, but it turned out to be quite fatty inside (I'm totally ok with that) Juicy throughout, with a few dryer parts in the middle. I may try rotating the brisket throughout next time and perhaps flip it, or go fatty side up. Another option is the higher temp, less time. Would be interesting. Just want that beautiful brisket with the nice smoke ring. Practice makes perfect. Learned alot through this forum and will continue to improve my smoker game.


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