Brisket 13 lbs - first one on MES

Discussion in 'Beef' started by randyt58, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Just thought I would throw this up.

    I used Jeff's rub. Very little trimming. Went about 10-11 hours at 220-225. Used a little cherry and apple then chunk hickory when I went to bed. Temp when pulled from smoker was 203. Resting in foil in towels for about 9 hours, temp is still above 150. Getting ready to slice.


    Well the uploads came in backwards as you can tell.

    Got to go make some sauce!
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    That sure is a long rest. But she looks good.
  3. I wasn't sure how long it would take so I decided to start last night. I was surprised how little liquid was in the foil when I opened it up. It is delicious tho!  Have more than half left for the next few days!

    Came out ok, but since I did no cutting down to the meat before rub, didn't get much rub flavor actually into the meat. Was still plenty hot after 8 plus hours wrapped. That's good to know.

    Next time I know I can just start early morning and get it done for evening meal!

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    I can almost guarantee you were cooking at a higher temp than the mes was set at. The mes controllers are prone to being pretty far off. I would get a maverick temp monitor to verify your cooking and meat temp cause 13 lb brisket at 225 in 10 to 11 hrs is real quick. On the one I had I had to set it at about 218 to cook at around 250. I think you are around the same temp difference.
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  5. I agree.  Though High Heat Brisket can be good, it's hard to believe cooking at 225* got a 13# brisket done in 11 hrs.

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