brisket 1.98LB at walmart in denver.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by english-bulldog, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Go check it out, I don't know it is national...
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    Hello fellow Mile High Smoker!

    I have been seeing Walmart and Sam's come down in prices on Briskets. Wasn't until recently that I saw Walmart carry full packers. I have never been really impressed with the meat out of Walmart, so I am hesitant to buy one.  I typically get mine from King Soopers (Krogers).  Their regular price is 1.99 a pound, or at least has been for the last two years.   As a matter of fact I got the pit heating up right now for a Brisket and chicken smoke.  Got to feed some firemen tomorrow =)
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    I guess Im glad that I'm in Fla for I get them on sale sometimes for 1.10lb and even .99 a few times a year.
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    Do you have to wear a ski-mask to get them at that price? [​IMG]
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    Good to see, I am from Thornton too!

    off of 120th / holly.  (i25/120th.)

    My dad got a packer from King Soopers for 2.89/lb, I told he he over paid.  (he gave me a dirty look)

    I had not idea they were 2$/LB, I've been going to King Soopers for a long time, I've never seen em @ that price.

    I better start checking the paper.


    *added, I was at Sams the other day, the price was 2.80$/LB.  :(

    I have to admit Walmart meat SUCKS, but it was cheap, so I figured WTH.  (My first brisket was good, I hope this one is too)

    The best meat I can find is at Albertsons or Sams.
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  6. mr mac

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    This one   was a Wal-Mart packer as is the one I have in the fridge (a $1.98 specimen) thawing out for a Monday smoke.  One of the reasons ours is always priced a bit high is the grocer's union.  [​IMG]
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