Briquetts minion method

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  1. I have used briquetts and always get the coals white before cooking. If I have to add coals I start them in a chimney then add them. If I throw new coals onto a fire the meat gets a chemical creosote taste to it. So that being said using the minion method new coals are steadily being lit. Wouldn't this also impact the flavor. I now use RO lump and have no chemical taste issues. I had an offset smoker and am now using a weber smokey mountain 18.5 and just discovered the minion method. Your opinion?
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    The minion method is tried and true... The reason it works without imparting the bad taste .. IMHO the unlit charcoal is up to temp being in the hot smoker ... so it's hot by the time the fire reaches it ... when you throw cold briquettes on a hot fire is when I see more than usual briquette smoke ...

    You hear of stick burners setting their splits on the firebox to preheat so they don't smoke so bad when thrown on the fire... same way with briquettes and the minion method
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    What type of briquetts were you using?  The chemical taste usually comes from using lighter fluid, which you say you don't use. 

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