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    Ok, first post and I knowingly have a ton to learn.

    2nd my setup is a weber summit charcoal grill, digiq2, and O use kingsford competition and random medium chunk wood (approx 2-3.5"). I'm new to the charcoal and smoking world but have grilled for 20ish years on propane (silver, then Genesis and Summit)

    Ok for the question: I feel like a really have no idea how to build a fire when doing long smokes with the WSCG. I actually felt a bit more in control before using the digiq but honestly don't know if that's really the bro let or my plain ole incompetence.

    First of all my smoke seems to either PLUME, or be non existent.

    2nd the digiq either nails the temp or it ends up bouncing ALL OVER. (Yes I choke it down)

    So I'm straying to wonder if this is due to the way I build my fire. I basically dump about 100 briquette in the pit. Use a lighter cube and let it catch for a few mins. Then let the digiq take over. I close the bottom vent and keep the top on a teeeeny tiny bit cracked. I line up my wood chunks out from the center in hopes that as the fire spreads, new wood gets to smoke.

    The contrast in this method is before the digiq I was using the propane on the WSCG to start and also using the built in weber vent on button which I'm skeptical may let better air distribution happen being that it is central to the pit.

    Does anyone have any fire building tips they can share from this or any other pit using briquettes on long smokes?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. First and foremost make sure you pick up a chimney to start your briquettes.

    Take a look on YouTube about the "Minion Method".  It works like a champ getting my gril right at about 230 degrees.

    There is also a snake method for coals that help it run longer, but in my WSM my temps typically run about 10 degrees cooler.

    My weber manual and many people I've talked to say the good ol Kingsford Blue briquettes are perfectly fine.

    Don't use too much wood chunk, it can be a little overwhelming.  I toss in 2-3 chunks at the most.

    Oh, and I'm relatively new at this too so make sure you get some other, more experienced opinions as well.

    Have fun!

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