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  1. So,  I have this old and cherished Brinkmann bullet type electric smoker.  It's been with me for years now and we are used to each other.  It has always done a good job on ribs, chicken, pork, fish etc.  However,  I recently started making bacon and can't get it to stay at a low enough temp.  I've added an element from another brand that has a temp control.  I am using a digital thermometer for both the food and the inside of the smoker.  Even on the lowest setting it climbs up above the recommended 140F for bacon. What I did was pick up a second one, the taller type, as mine is short.  The second one was a yard sale deal, $10 so I figured I couldn't go too very wrong.  I stacked the taller body on top of my heat pan and then placed my short body on top of that.  It gives me four racks in the upper body and a place for a drip pan down below.  I'm hoping this will allow me to smoke at lower temps by only lighting up my AMAZN smoker in the bottom and maybe the element on low to get things started.  Any other ideas or advice?

  2. Just using your A-maze-n smoker will work fine  [​IMG]   You will be cold smoking your bacon. A lot of people, myself included, prefer to do it that way. I rest mine in the fridge overnight between smokes & then when it is done, I let it rest for a couple days before slicing it - the rest makes a noticeable difference.

    Congrats on starting to make bacon  [​IMG]  
  3. I'm on my fifth batch of bacon, 10-12 lbs per batch.  Word got around so the family and neighbors are lining up........using just the a-maz-n smoker, what temp should I see to know I'm good?  I've read 140 F is the high end.  The bacon so far has been good, but temps got up above 167 F before I pulled the plug and just let it sit till cool.  I am a great fan of resting after smoke, it makes a great deal of difference in the end product.
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    Leave the heat off..... Cold smoke...... The bacon comes out awesome...... Be sure to form a pellicle on the slab, using a fan before smoking......

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    I wonder just how tall you could go....... hmmmm.........[​IMG]

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