brinkmann vertical insulation.

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  1. First off, let me apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I thought about adding it to the mod thread, but that mostly seems focused on the larger smokers, and I feel like this will be easier for people to find via searching if they are interested in this as well. Sometimes reading through 18 pages of a thread only to realize that your question isn't even adressed can be frustrating.

    Anyway, I have recently perchased a brinkmann verticle smoker. I got the stainless steel grilling wok at the same time, so that mod is taken care of. My question is mostly about adding insulation to the outside of the smoker. I seem to recall a thread about someone doing exactly that, but i can't remember where it was that i found it. I have searched all over this website, and via google, but sadly can't seem to get the right combination of words to pull the thread up and read about what materials they used. I know they ended up sealing both the top holes, and added a vent at the top for the smoke to exit, but other than that, i can't really think of anything else specific about it.

    I am more than willing to do some experimenting, but if anyone could give me some info on what type of insulation i should be looking for that can be attached to the outside of one of these, it would be most apreciated. And, of course, i will do my best to update this thread with everything i am doing, in case anyone else wants to give this a go.

    Thank you
  2. q dawg

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    They used an underlament material that can be used under tile....don't remember the name, but it is grey in color and available at Home Depot....

    Q Dawg PS.....looked like he had attached it with screws not quite to the edges of the smoker....left an inch or so !!!
  3. Don't suppose you have a link to that site do you? I can't for the life of me find it.
  4. tlzimmerman

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    The material I think you are referring to his hardibacker, aka cement board.
  5. mballi3011

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    Waht he said ^^^ hardibacker board. Our they have a cement board too.
  6. thank you all for your responses, i am looking into the materials you mentioned.

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