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  1. Hey guys i put up a post a few weeks ago about buying my new smoker.  I got a Trailmaster SFB.  I got two knee surgeries in the last three weeks so doing any work to it has been a nightmare,

    For those of you that do have this one or any other SFB do you recommend the tuning plates with the holes in them or the ones that are spaced apart?
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    njsmoker, morning...  I would recommend the plates and spacing them.... the plates can be moved to adjust heat output to the cooking surface.....  it seems, holes would make the adjustment of heat, non adjustable...

    Never heard of holes in tuning plates....  Dave
  3. The deflector plates with the holes of decreasing density along the length of the plate are really cool and do the best job of giving you even heat, but there is no way for you to know in advance what specific design (length, diameter of holes, spacing of holes) is going to give you the best result. You would need to experiment using thinner stock to get the right layout.

    I think you're much better off with graduated plates that you can move around. It gives you flexibility, as you can change the configuration based on what you're cooking.
  4. I recently bought the steel plates.  The only thing i don't know is what to do with the little rust that is on them.  If i keep it under the grate of the food, will the rust get into the food.  A buddy of mine recommended to paint them with high heat paint (grill paint) or to brush it with olive oil before a cook.  Even though I love smoking I'm not the big outdoorsman, mostly a city guy so i have no clue about the shell plates and stuff.

    Also, I made the basket out of expanded metal which says you can grill right on it so i assume that will be safe.

    Any help is really appreciated.



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    I'd go ahead and cure the smoker,  First knock the rust of a bit and wipe off with a towel.  Then get a can of the cheapest spray oil you can find and spray the entire smoke.  Really coat it on there.  Then start a fire and get the temp to about 300.  let it sit there a while to get the oil burned off.   let cool and then spray again and repeat.

    You will cure the smoker like you cure a cast iron pan.  The tuning plates and smoker body may rust a bit but that should not be a problem,  as you start using the smoker you will put a heavy coat of grease and smoke on it.  As the outside develops rust spots rub them down with a little Crisco or something.

    Good Luck
  6. I concur completely with Al.  Take the time to cure it up front for some carefree controllable temps later.  I did the same thing per Harry Soo's recommendation in my WSM.  My first smoke was bacon to get the fat into thesides and lid after I did two seasoning burns.  BTW ...great job on the mod.
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  7. Thanks guys.  So I'm going to do some more MOD's tomorrow (thermometer and some other stuff).  After you cure it do you clean it every time when you are finished.  My WSM i would clean the entire smoker after every use.  If i do it with this one its going to be a pain, but ill do it if I have to.  What do you recommend
  8. NJ,

    How well did your plates work for you?  Did you find any problems or additional changes you had to make to them?  can you provide the dimensions of the plate? 

    I am wondering if there is a need to drill holes in them like the horizon or do the gaps let enough smoke through.  Thanks for the help.
  9. I'm not an expert by any means but it looks like the opening between the fire box and smoke chamber is over 1/2 blocked with the end plate.  Do you think this will be a problem?  Like I said, not an expert.  You will see me asking plenty of beginner questions.   Just an observation and question.

    Nice work by the way.  Very professional looking.

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    I know this is old but I agree the opening is too small.

    One thing that annoys me on messsage boards is someone starts a thread, gets advice then disappears.

    Anywya, I have a Ok Joe that is similar, here are my tuning plates. As you can see I started mine at a 45 degree angle out of the firebox hole. It works very well. I do loose a little cooking area but thats fine. Its worth it

    I have since put some HD foil in the triangular openings to seal that off too

    Just trying to help is all


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    it looks nice
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