Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by realtorterry, Mar 6, 2011.

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    I was stationed at Minot from 94-06 had a friend live in glenburn Greg Swenson and can't remember the others.
  4. Here's a pic of a small 4lb+ bone-in pork shoulder I did for pulled pork on my TMLE:

    And here is the final iteration of a deflector/diffuser plate crafted from an aluminum cookie sheet I picked up at Target for $12. I get temps end to end within 5 degrees F of each other with this setup. Easy to clean, easy to make/modify, and easy to replace:

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  5. Looks good Remmy, I'm going to do a 17lb.whole shoulder with a 1/4 " deflector plate tomorrow 5 degrees is super!!!! did you use a hole saw for the cookie sheet??
  6. Yep. And a regular drill bit for the smaller holes.

    The cookie sheet/tray came from a two-pack I picked up at Target. I only used the larger one which fits just about perfect. Here's the link to the product:
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    Has anyone had an issue with the paint pealing off on the inside of the smoker? I seasoned the smokers according to the directions. Now in the middle if my first cook the paint is pealing off by the smoke stack on the inside of the chamber.
  8. Hey Folks,

    Anyone have an idea of the dimensions of the Horizon convection plate?

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    Bought Trailmaster @ BJ's Wholesale club and found custom cover for it at Home Depot
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    So even though I keep my BTLE in the garage, the firebox has surface rust on it.  I've seen some others here had the same issue and some have repainted it.  I haven't seen anyone come back say a year later to say how well the paint was holding up.  So I am looking to see if anyone has used the Thermo Tec brand paint to re do their firebox.  This stuff is said to be good up to 2000 degrees.  Has anyone used this paint or have a better recommendation?  The paint is about $15 per can at the local AutoZone.
  11. Doing a spiral cut, bone-in ham for the mother-in-law's birthday dinner on the TMLE. It has a brown sugar + guava nectar + pork rub + allspice glaze and smells awesome so far.

    * * * 8/2/2014 UPDATE * * *

    That ham came out AWESOME. Everyone was raving about how juicy it was and how much the smoke flavor permeated the meat. Got a great bark from the glaze. (Sorry... no pics... it went too fast!)

    It started at 44F and took 3.5 hours to hit an internal 140F at an average pit temp of 270F. I used citrus wood (orange and lemon) augmented with Ozark Oak hardwood lump. This will be the ONLY way I will do hams from now on!
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  12. I had to repaint mine last year. I used some VHT Ceramic Header Paint from O'Reilly's. Has held up really good. Good up to 2000 degrees. 8.99 a can
  13. I used an old metal lasagna pan and put hot coals and wood chunks in it and placed it in the main chamber along with a small fire in the firebox when I first seasoned mine...just to get a higher temp in the main chamber. Probably wasn't necessary, just wanted to be sure to burn off anything that may be there from the factory. That way the ash would be contained.
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    Hey guys, great thread and I've been reading and following along and was able to get my hands on used ( twice I was told ) Trailmaster Limited Edition. I pretty much have my modifications ready to go but I have a question I was hoping I could get some advice on.

    The firebox seems to have some BIG gaps on both the side next to the smoker and on the vent side. I ended up buying some fiberglass gasket rope to seal the firebox door but I'm wondering if I should take the firebox apart and use that same gasket where the two sections of the firebox come together? It comes with some 2000 degree cement to hold the gasket in place. Is that overkill for sealing the firebox where it comes together or would I be ok using the 500 degree RTV caulk on the outside of the firebox where those seems come together? Not quite sure how hot that firebox gets on the outside. I know the inside can go well over 1k degrees, I believe. 

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    I use 500C degree silicon between the firebox and the main chamber on assembly and when screwed together i used silicone all the way around the edge as well

    20 smokes later still seems to be holding ok

    Hope this helps.
  16. Is anyone running the BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 on their TMLE? How has it worked for you in stabilizing and extending cook times? Any problems with mounting the blower unit?


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    Here is a you tube video I found regarding the Digi.

  18. Cool. Thanks ps0303. I watched it -- and a couple others. Now I see I have to drill a hole for the mounting tube. Seems straightforward.

    Q: Can anyone offer a suggestion regarding which blower I should go with, the 10cfm or the 25cfm??? The WSM folks have been saying that the 10cfm fan is more than adequate to keep their pits running right, but I'm thinking that the volume of the TMLE's pit might necessitate the more robust 25cfm blower.
  19. What's the model or brand you got from Home Depot?
    I want to get a new one.
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