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    It's Seafair hydroplane race day here in western Washington.

    Doing a breakfast fattie, slab of St Louis ribs, and a piece of chuck roast.

    About two hours in, should be done around 3:30pm.

    This is just before foiling.

  2. Got the new IQ120 this week; just did a quick trial run doing some smoked wings on my Brinkmann Trailmaster LE (COS) with split oak. 

    Set-up: It is easy to set up, and I was surprised with the number of pretty advanced features, including lid open and ability to program a different pit temp once the food hits a certain temp. Programming your desired temps and alarms are pretty easy. Also has variable fan speeds, alarms for pit and food temps.

    During the cook: I set the temp for 300, planning on a two hour cook. However, the fan shut off at 280, and then would only run 2-3 seconds then shut off for about 30 seconds. It never hit 300; I gave it about 20 minutes, and I re-set the pit temp for 320. As soon as I did that, it held between 298-304 the rest of the cook. I've never had my smoker hold a temp so steady, and throughout the entire cook. I lifted the lid once to flip and rearrange the wings, the lid-off feature worked as advertised - but the fan doesn't kick back on immediately when I close the lid. Might have taken 1-2 minutes for the fan to kick on. 

    Smoke: When the fan shuts off, I was getting much thicker puffier white smoke than I like. That eased towards the very end, so maybe I just needed to make a bigger fire; or let the fire burn alot more before starting the cook.

    Overall: Works as advertised; and I'm pleased with it - I just need to learn how to keep the thin blue smoke going when the fan shuts off. Temp held rock steady, even though I had to set it 20 degrees higher than my desired temp to keep it there. I also used less wood, even though I was cooking 50 degrees higher than I normally do. 

    Hope this helps. Doing some ribs tomorrow, planning on doing a video review.
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    Any pictures of how you have it hooked to your BTLE?
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  4. So I wound up purchasing two new thermos to put on each side of the cover of the smoker and I was wondering how everyone did it?

    Did you take the lid off, or just drill right into it?  What type of bit did you all use?  I was planning on possibly using my milwaukee drill with a 1/2" bit to just drive it right into the lid, but it probably isn't that simple, right?  Also, did you all use any sealant when you put the the thermos in?

    Also, a questions about applying the sealant to leaking areas, I was going to put a bead around the lid, and a couple of the other areas that are adjoined with screws and nuts/bolts, but any good solutions to the area around the firebox?

    Thanks so much all, any assistance would be helpful.
  5. I'll take some tomorrow and post them
  6. I used a step up bit similar to this one 

    As for the firebox gaps, I just made a removable insert that goes over the ash pan opening. Does the trick for me. The only areas I used sealant were the firebox & main chamber lids. (plus a little sealant around the two thermos added to the lid)

    When I'm done cooking I simply remove the charcoal basket and the insert to get rid of all the ashes. If I need more draft while cooking I can slide my insert back to expose part of the ash pan opening then open the removable ash door slightly. I'm still learning as I go, but so far I've been pleased with the end result. 

    Best of luck. 
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    I disassembled my firebox and then put down a bead of the RTV and put it back together.  Before I bolted it back to the side of the BTLE, I applied more RTV around the opening on the firebox where to attaches to the cooking chamber. I then bolted it back on.  I then ran a bead of RTV around the firebox where it meets the cooking chamber.  Here's a picture of it.I didn't go all the way around, but you can. When I ran my seasoning burn in, I did not notice any smoke coming out where the two pieces meet up. Guessing it's sealed pretty well.

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    I was asked what I did when I cooked my brisket over the weekend by another member of the forum and I thought I would share with the thread as well

    Well, I placed a rub on it and wrapped it in cling wrap and let it sit in the fridge over night.


    - 1/2 cup of Kosher or sea salt

    - 1/2 cup course ground black pepper

    - 1/4 cup paprika  (smoked or sweet) not the Spanish.

    - 3 tablespoons chili powder

    - 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper

    - 2 tablespoons garlic powder

    - 1 tablespoon ground cumin

    - 1 tablespoon dried oregano

    - 1 tablespoon dried thyme

    - 2 teaspoons ground ginger


    I got my grill started and up to temp (250-275)

    I took the brisket out about a hour before cooking and let sit a room temp.

    I placed wood chunks in the fire box about 5 mins before placing the brisket on the grill. I used a mixture:

    1 nice size chunk of mesquite. after it burned I used oak. I placed 3 chunks of oak and a few more charcoal every hour for the first 4 hours.

    during the first 4 hours I didn't look at or bother the meat at all.

    After 4 hours of cooking I doubled layered foil. the wide foil 37.5 and wrapped the brisket in it tight and placed it back on the grill for 3 hours. During this time I only maintained my temp and placed charcoal in the firebox every hour. NO WOOD.

    After 3 hours I then opened up the foil all the way exposing the brisket once again. Don't take it out of the foil, as the foil will act as a second drip pan.

    At this point i had 2 more hours of cook time. I mop my brisket during the last 2 hours every 45 minutes. I also place 3 applewood chunks in the coals along with more coals to maintain my temp.

    Mop Sauce:

    1/2 cup of white vinger

    1/2 cup of beer

    1/2 tablespoon garlic salt

    1/2 tablespoon brown sugar

    1/2 teaspoon read pepper flake

    1/2 teaspoon black pepper

    mix until sugar and salt is dissolved. may have to heat it a little.

    When it's done cooking I placed the brisket in fresh foil, double layered, wrap it up tight and place it in a cooler with a couple towels on the bottom and a couple on top of the brisket. I leave it there for 20mins and then I slice it and serve.

    My brisket was 6.5lbs

    I like to cook them at 250 to 275 for 1.5 X weight - 1

    so that would be

    1.5 x 6.5 - 1 = 8hrs 45min

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  9. Hey everyone,

    So I'm right smack in the middle of smoking my first brisket on my Trailmaster LE.

    I started with trimming a bit, doing two dry rubs and a bit of an injection from beef boullion, I wrapped it in plastic wrap, and I let that sit overnight.

    So, mine is a 10lber.  It's actually in the smoker right now.  I have to admit, the color looks great, but I'm a little concerned about whether it's getting too dry.  I figure it probably will be on there about 14 hours total.

    It was a little difficult to get the smoker up to temp at first, it was hanging around 200 and wouldn't go any higher.  I figured out how to fix that (basically, I made a fire basket that was a little too small, and so it didn't hold enough coals to get it up to temp so I just dumped them onto the grate in the firebox and added more, and it went up).

    So it got on there about 4:30am at the right temp, and I just wrapped it in foil at 10:15a.  I have a pot in there with water to help keep it moist, it's on the grate with the brisket.  When I went to wrap it, the outside looked a little dry, so I mopped it despite having water in there.  When I lifted it up to put it in the foil, it still felt pretty firm.  Not sure if that's how it's supposed to feel at this point, but that's where it's at.  I'm just a tad nervous I'm drying it out... anything I can do about that, or is that how it should look and feel at this point?

    Thanks for your help,

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  10. ps0303

    ps0303 Meat Mopper

    What was the internal temp of the brisket when you wrapped it?

    Was this just a flat or a full packer?
  11. How is the brisket doing on the inside? Be aware of the stall! Just keep on cooking through it. Don't up the heat.

    I found that the temperature is mostly dependent on the amount of fuel. I do have a good seal, closing all the vents will smother the fire but I can almost close the intake vent and still keep things cooking.

    I'm looking forward to my first brisket.

    Michael Cerda

    Brinkmann Heavy Gauge Charcoal Drum

    Austin, Texas
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  12. So, it was around 160ish when I wrapped it.  It was a full pack, flat and point.  I did read about the temp stall, and experienced, however, at the same time, it was a 10 lb brisket, but after 12 hours, it hit about 180, I took it off the smoker, and decided to do it as-is.  It was actually, quite nice, and the flat was a little dry, so I'm not sure what happened there.  Either way, here are some pictures, and I can explain my process a bit if anyone is curious.



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    Did a whole chicken on the BTML after rising the grate in the firebox.

    Ran a lot hotter, and it was a tasty bird.

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    I have just assembled my brinkman trailmaster with hi temp caulk between firebox seems, between the firebox and smoking chamber, 12x10x8 "minion" box made of expanded steel and 16 gauge tuning plate measuring 14x36 with the last 6" bent at a 45 degree angle and 3 more plates 14x6 flat.  Dual 3" river country thermo's are ordered and will be here next week.   I am on my way to get my aluminum elbow and dryer duct for the pipe.  Question is when curing should I put the tuning plates in it and if so should I spray them with the vegetable oil as well?  Also, it doesn't say in the manual, but should I spray the firebox with vegetable oil too.  I know not to spray the grates but unsure about the actual box.    
  15. Use peanut oil. Soak a terry cloth an wipe down the inside. Don't soak too much, a light coating will do.
    Wipe down the plate with the same oil.
    As for sealant on the fire box just use 2000 degree Rutland cement. The silicone Sh!t doesn't work. It deteriorates and gets goopy.
    I bought Fiberglas ribbon, not the rope and put that on the lid of the fire box sealed with the the 2000 degree goop
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    Hi... havent gotten my grill yet... just wanted everyones opinion... whats a good size charcoal basket? im seeing 12x12x6 because of the 24" sheet expanded metal..  whats the recommended "ideal" size?
  17. Any of the inexpensive smokers are a good beginning experience to smokin'.  Just be prepared to ask questions on these forums about what "fix" can be made to modify your inexpensive smoker to a better unit.  First thing I think you'll need to do is seal that thing up so that the smoke doesn't seep from the unsealed seams.  Happy smokin'...Stevan
  18. Hey All, I bit the bullet this last Sunday and bought my Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited. During assembly I noticed the ash pan didn't seat firmly to the ash frame. See photo.

    This is a pic inside the firebox and ash pan. Moving up from a Engineered Drum Smoker (kit from Big Poppa Smokers) I thought i could just cook right out of the box but boy was I wrong. I tried smoking a turkey for thanksgiving, I couldn't maintain a consistent heat and poor tommy the turkey wasn't cooked after 14 hours. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced the ash pan not seating properly. I'm debating if I should just seal it off with a piece of steel.

    So I was pretty bummed and ready to take this thing back to Home Depot but then i found this site/thread. Now I have some nice little projects to get this thing running correctly.

    Also, after seeing some nomex fabric on should I get 1/8" or 1/4" thick?
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  19. I had the same issue. What I did to moderate it was to bend up the rearward end of the tray's channel edge. When closed, it sits far more flush than it used to.

    A little air coming up through here isn't such a bad thing.
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