Brinkmann trailmaster horizontal vs. vertical

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by jpayer, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. jpayer

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    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted in this forum. Still smoking nearly every weekend. I'm looking to purchase a new smoker and have narrowed it down to the brinkmann trailmaster LE horizontal and the trailmaster vertical. I love all the posts about both. I basically need to be persuaded on which to get. I'm aware of all the mods necessary on each. What do you like about yours? Pros, cons? Thanks
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  2. yraen

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    They both have their pros and cons.  I like a vertical as it lets me stage my meat for what I want to drip onto what while cooking.  Having a brisket drip onto whatever else is cooking just seems to make it taste better.  I cooked at a BBQ joint when I was a teenager and I got hooked on self mopping meat a rotisserie gives you.

    While a horizontal will let you cook larger cuts of meat without cutting them down to size.  Here's a couple of shots of some fatties I cooked years ago.  The smaller one is a breakfast fatty with eggs, cheese and salsa inside it, the larger is a hamburger fatty with onions, bell peppers, cheese and jalapenos inside it.  As you can see from the stove picture, it was huge.  It would not have fit into a vertical smoker.

    I've got no regrets about having both types of smokers, they each have their uses.  If you're going to be smoking large cuts of meat and don't want to have to cut them into smaller portions, go with a horizontal, otherwise go with the one you like the best.
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    Thank you Yraen! Great advice. Btw, those fatties look amazing. Been reading about those but have yet to smoke em. Thanks again.
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    Smokeymoake, glad you got the bug. Great post. Meat looks awesome.

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