Brinkmann smoker not working/what should I buy

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  1. Hello All,

    I bought a used Brinkmann vertical propane smoker, not sure model number but it looks just like the 810-5534-S  and have been having several issues:

    1) Meat I smoked is not getting very much smoke flavor and no smoke ring

    2) Chips don't stay smoking throughout the process

    3)meat isn't cooking to temp in time calculated or discussed in recipes

    4) The smoke is exiting through the doors of the smoker(both bottom and top) instead of out of the top chimney

    I really want to get my smoking on point by summer time and I've tried fixing these issues, from firing up the smoker at full blast with the chip pan as close to the flame as possible- but when I bring the heat down to get in the sweet spot(I always try to keep between 200-250) the chips stop smoking.

    I did a bone-in pork shoulder that weighed 5-6lbs and smoked it at 225-250 for over 9hours and it still wasn't close to temp and when it was done it definitely wasn't "pulled pork" i had to cube it up.

    I've tried to seal the doors to keep the smoke from coming out of the doors but it seems like no matter what I do the smoke won't go up out the top chimney.

    Sorry for being long-winded, but I guess my question is--- should I keep trying to make this smoker work or should I just find a better one to start out with AND if so can you please recommend a specific vertical propane smoker that is easy to get started with and isn't too expensive(I'd love to keep it around $200 or less)?

    Do you think the used one I bought is just jacked up and that's why the guy sold it to me for cheap?

    Thank you very much for any advice!!!
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    First of all, cook by internal temperature of the meat... After a few hours in the smoker, insert a "sanitized" probe remote therm into the meat... Get a good calibrated thern to stick through the door for an accurate smoker temp reading.....
    Gas fire smokers tend to burn up the smoke in the smoker if they are not working properly... Your smoker probably needs some holes drilled in the sides of the smoking chamber for good air flow... 4 each 3/4" holes drilled in the top part of the sides and the same near the bottom part of the sides..... Then get a low pressure regulator that is adjustable along with a needle valve to adjust the propane flow to the burner... finally, if the chip pan is cast iron, I recommend a SS pan that fits the Big Chief smokers..... try using chunks or shavings or sawdust or pellets... you may have to adjust the height of the chip pan to the burner... closer or farther away to get the right combination of heat to make smoke.... If that fails, order the AMNTS tube smoker from Todd at

    and order some of his pellets... he has deals on here quite often.... he is a member and answers his phone.... he's a good dude and will help if you have any questions.....

    Now it may seem like a lot of stuff to do BUT I haven't found a manufacturer that makes a smoker that works "properly" out of the box... IMO...

    Search in the "Search Bar" for your smoker and modifications folks have made.... That will go a long ways to getting you a smoker that works well......
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  3. Thanks so much for the info, this is great!  I really appreciate it, I never would have thought to make these adjustments and it sounds like I do need to read some more on here in the smoker modifications section.

    Thanks again, much appreciated!!
  4. daveomak

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    When finished with the mods folks have made, your smoker should work great....

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