Brinkmann Smoke n Pit-Pellet Pro Modifications (Wood burner to pellet conversion)

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by tg923, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. tg923

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    I am going to change over my old Brinkmann Smoke n Pit over to pellets. The smoker does a pretty good job as a stick burner but requires a lot of work to keep temp at lower ambient outdoor temperatures. The Brinkmann I have had for probably 20 years and is pretty thick material, so I am going to change it over. I have been looking at the Pellet Pro Hopper kits that are for sale online. I have done some measuring and it looks like the best plan of attack on this is to drop the burn chamber off of the Brinkmann and install some equal thickness sheet metal in the opening to get the opening to proper size for the Pellet Pro. The 18" Hopper kit that Pellet Pro sells will put the burn chamber right in the middle of the Brinkmann cooking chamber. Pellet Pro also sells a thick heat deflector plate that sits over the burn chamber. I guess my only other issue is to figure out how to build an angled drip pan to fit my Brinkmann with drain tube and bucket. I have access to a buddy that is good with metal and I don't think its going to be an issue. I guess what my main questions are, has anyone converted a dual chamber wood burner over to pellets and does anyone have any tips for building the drip pan. (Does the drip pan need to be drilled to allow the smoke to get through it or do I just make it fit tight around the edges, including the left hand side right above where the hopper assembly mount and leave room on the other end to make it reverse flow? I will need to move my smoke stack to the left end of the cooking chamber. Thank you for your help. (I will add photos to this post later.)
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    I havent seen it done but that doesnt mean it cant be done
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    Thank you for the reply. I found a company that builds parts for pellet smokers and it looks like they custom build too. I would imagine the custom build will be fairly costly, so back to my earlier post, I probably should see if I can get my hands on some 12-14 ga stainless plate and see if we can build this ourselves.

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