Brinkmann gas grill

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by richp692, Mar 10, 2010.

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    My dad has one and he loves it.
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    Here's my 2 cents. I owned a nice stainless steel Brinkmann (Pro Series 2500) previous to my current Weber Genesis. I was always one of those guys that preached about how you were mostly paying for the name with Weber. The Brinkmann was a great grill. Cooked very evenly and I took great care of it, keeping it clean and covered almost always. But the guts of it rusted out completely over about a 4-year period just from cooking in it so much (liquids from various meats, etc.). Completely thrashed out. So a little over two years ago I bit the bullet and sprung for a Genesis. I don't expect I'll ever HAVE to buy another gas grill - I'm sure I will at some point just for fun. :) I was amazed at how heavy and solid the parts were for the Weber. It took me a couple hours to put it together. It's a much more sturdy than the Brinkmann was (and I thought the Brinkmann was a nice grill).

    Also, the customer service from Weber was outstanding. When my grill showed up, there was a little plastic piece broken on the ignitor button. I called Weber and they were very apologetic and overnighted me a replacement button.

    Go for the Weber. You won't regret it.
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    That is a good one . I have my Brinkman grille King now convertewd to a stick burner . The bottom rusted out after seven years of heavy use , but I put a new bottom in it . Then the twin burner went bad and no one makes a replacement .
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    I won't say one thing negative BUTT I will say this. I have a 1996 Webber that will outlast that grill if you decide to buy it. Also, see what's available on craigslist. (USED WEBBER FOR SALE) HA~!


    PS, Title was met to say GASERS.
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    I have the Weber natural gas unit - works great

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