Brinkmann element and "char diamonds"

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  1. Well, I was intending to just replace the element on my Brinkmann gourmet but ended up with a new one.  The WSM will have to wait a while.   

    Anyways, rather then using the lava rock, I decided to upgrade a bit and look for fire bricks.  No dice at HD.  But they did have these "char diamonds" from Charbroil.  My question for you guys, is it "ok" if they touch the element a smidge or is that bad for the unit?

    Now I just need to figure out a loose seal for around the top of this bad boy. 

    Any feedback on the "char diamonds" is also welcomed



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  2. How has this worked out for you?  I have the same smoker and the char-Diamonds as well...

    Do you use the woodchips in a smoke box, wrapped in foil or just free on the rock pan?

  3. Char Diamonds have worked out fine so far.  I don't think there is a huge advantage from a heat sink perspective but it'd definitely easier to clean up.  I just use  a shop van. 

    I generally just use chunks of wood directly on the diamonds.  It can get a bit tricky to avoid the elements however, if they tough the chunks will catch on fire. 
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  4. Sounds good.. I'm going to roll with a smoke box on an improvised rack 2 inches over the element and the diamonds..

    How long does it take for your brinkmann to get to temp??
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