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  1. ok, got this for fathers day.......[​IMG]

    how ever as im doing my intial break in got this gap issue....




    other side[​IMG]

    and the rest....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    ok question is how do i close off that gap for better smoke.......the grill side i dont care but the smoke side concerns me. any ideas i was thinking a hig temp rubber like about a 900deg if they make it .......i dont know .
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    I'm not sure how to help you.  I've seen some mods using fiberglass rope or something.  Something the same as, or similar to, the stuff used for sealing oven doors.  Have no idea where I saw it....I've been doing a ton of research on many aspects of smoking.

    I've got a charcoal grill by Brinkman with the same huge gap problem.  Looks almost exactly like yours except no fire box and only one exhaust.

    Please let us all know what you come up with.

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    OK my $0.02.

    Question: Why are you worried about the gaps. Smoke loss, Heat loss ???\

    My smoker leaks from every place it can but cooks great. maintains temps as I want it to and smoke is there... You don't want toooo much smoke as it will de-flavor the meat, give it a bad taste. With the GAPS you know the smoke is moving and will work as you want...

    I kinda like that unit you have because of the grill I do a lot of it and the smoker all in one. If you do chicken parts you can move them from the smoker to the grill to crisp up the skin.

    Good luck and good fathers day present...

    Good smoking!!!
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    The problem with mine is temps.  I know it's not really designed to be a smoker, just marketed as one.  It was an impulse purchase after watching Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen all day.  I've still tried to smoke on it numerous times since I picked it up about a month or so ago.

    I can't keep the temps down low enough and the end result is cooked meat, but nowhere near as tender as I'd like or as it should be.  I run it with the exhaust completely closed and I use a piece of foil to block off the gaps between the ash pan and the bottom of the barrel.  Still runs 250 - 300 on the lid thermometer.  I'm sure it must be much easier controlling temps with the external firebox (especially if there is a damper).  The plus with mine is, running it with the exhaust closed is almost like the mod I've seen on other smokers to get the exhaust pipe inlet below the cooking grate.

    I don't have pics of mine, but here's a link and a pic off their site:


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