Brinkmann Cimarron rebuild.

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by planman4y2k, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. So I posted earlier with my $100 Craigslist find.
    It had been repainted IMO... And the inside was full of ash and rust in both the fb and cc.
    Started Sunday with a clean out and started sanding everything.

    After 8 hours of sanding and cleaning, the next day was ready for primer and paint!
    Four coats later...
    I replaced the therm with a Taylor and had to buy a new grease bucket. I was able to save the grates and used my fb basket from my Char griller.
    [GALLERY="media, 429247"][/GALLERY]
    Very excited to use my new heavy duty smoker. Less than $175 total wrapped up in it. Gonna cure the paint later this week. Really excited to have a real smoker now! And suggestions to make it better... I would love to hear them.[GALLERY="media, 429249"][/GALLERY]
  2. Got my tuning plates! Put em in and fired it up. Temps held steady at 245 to 265 side to side. Tried to raise the temp super high...but it wouldnt increase past 265.

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