Brinkmann 810 Charcoal with 2 doors - Modifications

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by fat gary, Sep 6, 2011.

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    I am new to smoking and have done it 4 times thing I cannot seem to get a good consistency on is heat stabilization and top end heat.  In all of the research I have done this appears to be a common "feature" of the Brinkmann I have.  This past weekend I tried something new to get a higher end top heat and allow for me to control the consistency a little better...instead of just using the bowl to hold the charcoal and wood I started putting some briquets and wood directly on the bottom of the unit.  It worked like a charm but I am concerned about damaging the unit over time (I am assuming that area is not made for that kind of heat).  So I wanted to ask opions on a couple of ideas I had:

    1.  Lining the bottom with fire bricks so that I could use it for that ( I also assume this would help with some heat convection)

    2.  Using a cast iron skillet/dutch oven to do the same thing

    Also I would like to add a third shelf to the unit...has anyone ever done this?

    Any thoughts or opinions on this would be great!
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    Replace the coal pan with a "wok topper" or grill wok from Target or Home Depot. I think they're under $10. This will allow you to get more air to the coals. Also try lump charcoal. You may find at first that the temp gets too high, but once you get the meat in it'll come under control.
    Putting the coals on the bottom will definitely shorten the life of your smoker .

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