Brinkman Trailmaster Vertical Smoker

Discussion in 'For New Members' started by sushitampa, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Hey everyone, so I just ran accross the Brinkman Trailmaster Vertical Smoker and i'm so very intrigued by it. I've got 2 18.5 WSMs now but i was looking for more space for comps and the 5 racks in the Trailmaster seems so damn ideal! I wanted to ask though, I've read that the size of the grill racks are about 17", i've read people say they can fit whole racks of ribs on there. I have to cut my ribs in half to fit on my 18.5 WSMs so i'm a little confused. Do you Trailmaster Vertical owners have to cut your ribs to fit? I automatically assume there's no way it would fit a whole brisket without cutting it into Flat/Point. I really love the way the smoker looks and the more i read about it the more potential i see in it. Love the forum guys!
  2. ive had mine for a few months, on rack can easily fit on the grates, i havnt tried it but if you were to get on of those rib racks im pretty sure you could easily fit many racks on one grate. havnt done a full packer but id imagine as long as it wasnt a huge one it could fit, ive had 2 9 lb butts on one rack and it fit fine. i love mine

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