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    Hi, I am a newbie smoker. Question can meat or fish be in a brine to long? I have a job in which I don't know what days I have off next to smoke. How long can meat or fish be in fridge in brine and can I freeze it in the brine?  Would like to have something ready to go when I have days off.

    Thanks Roy
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Fish depending on what it is only needs to brine for 8-24 hours. Meats that you are hot smoking only need 8-12 hours depending on what you are doing. With that said there are other methods that require longer brines. Look at Pop's brine cure recipe(use the search here) it has times for curing brines and there are some good discussions about the length of time both minimum and maximum for curing.

    As far as brining for flavor (aka marinating) without cure I wouldn't go longer than a day.
  3. isitdone

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    I will keep doing the search button Thanks
  4. davidgreig

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    Typically you wont see anything sitting in a brine for longer than 24 hours. Something like a whole turkey on the other hand could take on a brine a little longer because the bird is so big. It all depends on what you are brining and how big it is. This is an article called "Brining 101" it may be of help. Good luck!
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    Roy, morning..... I use an equilibrium brine and leave meat in it for days..... refrigerated of course.... weigh the meat and liquid... Add salt to make 2-2 1/2% salt of the total weight.... add spices and herbs..... only meat less than 1" thick should be used... and as a rule I use, minimum 3 days in the refer.... ALSO.... use the least amount of brine you can and still keep the meat submerged..... that means spatchcock birds....or even 1/4 them... rotate meat as usual in the brine.... This is generally for fish, chops, steaks etc... all of our pork hits the brine... lots of herbs and spices.... Too bad today's pork is so lacking in flavor and fat....
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    Is 2% for all meats?
  7. daveomak

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    No... depends what you are making/curing/using cure#1 or cure #2..... dry aging, wet aging.....
  8. isitdone

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    Dave, So that 2 - 21/2 percent is the total weight of meat w/ brine less the salt right.

    Thanks for all the info and help all of you on here....Roy      [​IMG]
  9. daveomak

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    Yep..... weigh the meat and water.... Use as little water as you can .... That makes for a really salty solution and the salt penetrates the meat better.... You may end up with a 10-15% salt solution in the brine..... BUT.... when all is said and done, and when equilibrium has completed it molecular exchange.... the solution and the meat will end up at 2-2 1/2% salt..... or so it says in fine print....

    This method can be used as a rub also...... 1000 grams of meat.... 20 grams salt (2%), 10 grams sugar(1%), 0.156 grams nitrite (2.5 grams of cure #1 for a 156 Ppm nitrite).... rub it all in and wait specified days for type of meat and thickness.... Same deal only without water.....

    I do not find a 2% salt.... salty at all..... but then I like salt flavor..... rinse the surface, dry and cook per normal..... If 2% is too salty, try 1 3/4%.... or 1 1/2%.....

    I have heard, but have no proof, bacon is usually 3% salt....
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