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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cfarley, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. How many of you brine your butt's before you smoke them?

    Do you brine say a pork tenderloin before you smoke it?

    Is there a thread that can explain the pro's and con's of brining? When to brine when not to?
  2. Cfarley, why brine a Butt,they cook fine and are juicy as they are:


    1.All I do is bring them home,unpackage them, Rub them in my stuff and throw them in the Smoker.

    2.Pork Tenderloin, I sometimes wrap in Bacon and do it;then sometimes I go real slow(with this I use a Therm. probe) and go to 145*f and wrap and cooler.

    3.Yes,look into the WIKI for them.

    Hope this helps....and......
  3. some do...many don't. Some try it once just to see....agree with old schol above, tenderloins or loins do well with a bacon wrap and low heat....keeping a sharp eye on the IT
  4. I inject but that's me ,just remember the 4 hr rule.
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    Sounds like the guys got you covered.
  6. Thanks.

    Whats the 4 hour rule?
  7. Never  mind I looked it up.

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