brining ham.

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  1. sonofcarl31

    sonofcarl31 Newbie

    Can I brine pork/ham at 41-43 degrees?
  2. Are you using curing salts in your brine? Or just salt and sugar?
  3. sonofcarl31

    sonofcarl31 Newbie

    Yeah, I should have said brine cure because I am using cure #1
  4. c farmer

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    Little colder if you can. Try around 38.
  5. If it is possible ideal temps for curing would be between freezing and the danger zone ( 33°F - 40°F ). That being said...for some people and some larger cuts it is not possible and the use of the next best thing comes into play... But only in colder months where the temp stays below 50 degrees, like a basement, cellar, even an unheated garage. You will run the risk of spoilage don't get me wrong here. But the curing salts are your safety net and being that you've used them I would say your fine. Again if POSSIBLE hold under refrigeration. Best of luck!
  6. sonofcarl31

    sonofcarl31 Newbie

    I'm using a wine cooler that says it goes down to 39 but the thermometer I have in it is reading at 41 but it's a cheap Walmart thermometer so I don't know. Guess I'll get another one to verify. Thanks.
  7. lancer

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    You can always brine it in a bag and bury that in ice in a cooler, too.

  8. daveomak

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    When using cure, it is best to refer above 36 deg. F.... Don't know why but all the things I have read give the temp range 38-40 or the curing process slows way down...
  9. chef jimmyj

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    X2...Well 36-40°F actually. Cure does not work so well below 36°, slow absoption. You will be fine in the wine cooler. Make sure you inject, especially near the bone. This speeds the process and gives internal protection. The USDA 40°F temp showed the least amount of growth for most bad bugs...BUT...They don't start Rapid growth at 41 or even 43°F. The Cure and Salt in the brine will make up for the few degree higher temp. Go for it...JJ
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