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    [ATTACHMENT=2475]Ham.jpg (245k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]Been brining a 8# bone in ham shank for 18 days roughly. It looks grey after pulling it out of brine with just a small red spot on top. Does it look ok? I injected the heck out of it. Thoughts?
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  2. forluvofsmoke

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    No pic to look at, but did you use Cure #1 or Tender Quick, or was this just a salt brine? If no cure was used pork will turn a pale grey everywhere except where the meat rests against the container or a weight to keep submerged...if no weight was used the top may have been exposed to air. It's a good idea to roll the meat around every few days, if possible...this changes where it contacts the container, etc. If it's pink right on top, you may want to just trim that spot away. Being you injected it well, the brine should have done it's job by now.

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    Looks fine to me. The darker pink will set when smoked...JJ
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    Thanks guys.

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