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  1. Happy New Year to all.  Just curious if anyone tried brining beef.  I've done fish, fowl, pork, etc with excellent results.  Have a 5 lb. prime rib and was wondering if brining it would help.  I've never tried it or heard of anyone doing it.  Thanks in advance.  Any input much appreciated.
  2. By brining do you mean with cure or without?

    Most marinate beef, which is similar to brining, right?

    Beef brined with cure is done when making pastrami.
  3. Just thinking standard brine- 1 c salt, 1 c sugar dissolved in a gallon of water with whatever seasonings or flavors you'd like.  I understand marinating but am thinking of injecting above into the prime rib roast of beef, than let it sit in above brine mixture for a few hours or overnight.
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    I have Dry Brined Beef, rubbed with salt and rest...Just got Salty Beef. Lots of videos claiming you can turn Chuck into Tenderloin this way but I have not had a good result...JJ

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