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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by jbee-smokin, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I know this subject has been brought, but I see where many place the bird in the refrigerator for brining. My question is if I don't have enough room in my refrigerator to put the bird in would it hurt to put the bird in a bucket, and add ice to keep the bird cool while brining outside the refrigerator?
  2. monstah

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    I was wondering that myself.

    My thought was to place the bucket in a cooler filled with ice so the ice is not in the same container as the bird.

    I'm sure someone will be along with an answer soon enough!
  3. dutch

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    JB-that is the exact method that I used when I brined my first turkey-Remember to keep the temps below 40* and put a lid on that bucket and place the whole thing up where the neighborhood dogs can't steal it.

    I have since gone to a dedicated insulated 5 gal. water-cooler. I'll put the brine, turkey and a gallon ziptop bag of ice in the cooler (in the order listed), make sure the temp is below 40* and put the lid on it. Check your brine temps from time to time and replace the ice in the bag as it melts. The weight of the ice will help keep the bird submerged.
  4. Hey Dutch,
    I just remembered our outside temps at night have been getting down in the high 30s. I guess that would keep the temps down enough. I will put the bucket up high enough to keep the critters away. Thanx
  5. flash

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    Boy, seek and ye shall find. I just send an IM to Debi asking this question. I too may not have enough room in the fridge.
  6. fatback joe

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    Keep it anywhere you want as long as it is clean and under 40 degrees.
  7. I've done that same thing many times. Works great.
  8. stacks

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    Read on another string to use an oven turkey bag. Put your bird in and fill with the brine, squeeze out the excess air and twits tie shut.
    I plan on using brine this year for the first time and this seemed like a good space saving idea.
    Don't know if it works, but the theory is solid.
  9. billybones

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    Good god I love this forum. I was just thinking that I dont have a pot big enough to brine my turkey this year and I dont want to buy a big bucket just for the turkey. Looks like I'm brining in my cooler! Thanks guys.
  10. deejaydebi

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    ANy container that will not react to the brine such as copper and aluminum can be used. @ gallon zip locks will hold a 10 pound turkey - put the bird in first then pour in the brine! It doesn't work well the other way around! [​IMG]
  11. zardnok

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    As a quick FYI, the local "Firehouse Subs" store has a promotion where you donate $2 to some Fireman's fund and they give you a 5 gallon pickle bucket that is food grade plastic. Seems like a worthy $2 donation to me!

    As for how to keep it cool, I keep frozen water jugs in the freezer and can toss those in on the top to help keep the bird submerged and cool.
  12. Just a note. Wally World bakery uses large food grade buckets that the frosting comes in. I get them every year for my extracted honey, and they're free
  13. deejaydebi

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    There are alot of sources for free buckets just ask! resteraunts, bakeries, pizza houses are good ones!Chiese grocery stores are good to but they all charge.

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