Brined Smoked Chicken - after making some changes WOW

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by stiftw, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, been lurking for a few weeks, and learning that I have been doing quite a few things wrong.  Great forum, it keeps coming up all the time as I search for more information. 

    I wanted to share my most recent success tonight (it was supposed to be for dinner tomorrow, but I couldn't keep my hands off it even though I had already had dinner).  Using a few new tips such as brining, and keeping the exhaust full open, and not wetting the chips this is by far my best smoking result and I am very pleased.   This chicken is SO JUICY I think I need a bib. 

    Equipment - Standard Webber charcoal grill.  I use a chimney starter, then put a small pile of coals on one side, a pan of water beside it (under the meat) and use the dampers to try and maintain ~300F (first time at this temp, and I like how it crisped up the skin nicely). 

    Brine - Simple kosher salt, soy, garlic powder.  Brined for 24 hours. 

    Rub - Got some really tasty rub while I happened to be out racing at a track in a tiny tiny town in Cresson Texas when I  ate some of their BBQ at the gas station next to the track. 

    Chips- 75% hickory, 25% mesquite.  Probably 4 handfuls throughout the cooking.  

    Cooking Temps - 

    Finished bird - 

    Snacking - 

    Suggestions/comments/critique welcome. 
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    Nice chicken!  Looks like you nailed it!  Welcome to the forum.

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  3. That looks fantastic. I love smoked chicken.
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    [​IMG]    That sure looks good, yep good place right here!! I know what was in the brine,, how much of each ingredient to water?? 

    Nice color on that yard bird!!

    A full smoker is a happy smoker


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