Brined Pork Butt?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by plano26, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

      My first post here; I saw a great recipe from Traeger (I have the Traeger junior) for Barbacoa pulled pork.  They indicate to brine the butt for about 24 hours and then put it straight on the smoker (no rinse, dry or rub etc)

      Just curious if anyone has ever tried this.  Will it be too salty due to no rinsing?  Also, it calls for a bone in butt, however, when I picked one up from Costco's I didn't notice it was boneless until I got home; will this make a big difference?

      This will be my 3rd butt I have done and the previous ones that I just put on my rub and smoked turned out great. 

      Any info is greatly appreciated.  thanks
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    Plano....noticed that this is your first post with us here at SMF. Would you mind popping over to Roll Call and introducing yourself.  Read the Terms of Service while you are there.  Off site the Traeger one you posted are not allowed here at all.

  3. My apologies.  I will remove the post.  thanks
  4. Many folks brine butts, you'll just have to try the recipe and see if it;s to your liking.

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    If you get the ratio of salt to water correct it will not be too salty. This is a personal taste issue. I like 1/2-2/3 of a cup of salt per gallon of water. I've found this doesn't require any rinsing or soaking to tame the saltiness down. I simply remove the butt from the brine, let it warm up a little at room temp, rub it down with whatever I'm rubbing it with that day and toss it on the smoker.

    As a matter of fact I just pulled one off the smoker that ran all night. I have no doubt that it will be delicious.
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    I know the term "Barbacoa" is a latin term for barbeque but what I personally know as barbacoa is a beef roast cooked down to shredding and then added to a "chili de colorado" sauce and then served with tortillas. Carnitias is it's pork cousin but traditionaly its boiled in lard making it a not so waist friendly entree. I have made several different carnitias dishes from left over pulled pork. As far as a brine on a pork shoulder I have never done it, I find pork shoulder has plenty of moisture, maybe just give it a southwestern rub and give it a shot. Just my .02
  7. Thanks everyone for all the tips; I will give it a go over the weekend and let you know how it turned out..of course with pics.  thanks again.

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