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    Today, I continued food prep for our big trip to the vintage motorcycle festival in Alabama. My bbq is a disaster! I attache a small smoke box to it and it smokes quite well but the bbq is structurally dilapidated.. the hood is missing a screw so it topples [​IMG].. the far right flame bar konked out on me so now I had to use the center and left one which isn't good because the left one is right on top of the inlet for the smoke... [​IMG]. So today wasn't an easy smoking day... but I got through it!

    I brined the chicken breasts for 2 hours, rinsed and dried then let them sit in the fridge uncovered overnight to form a pellicle.

    It turned out very well.. very moist with an almost smoked chicken cold cut texture but still pulls apart. 

    This is after the brine and after the drying out. I put black pepper, tarragon, celery salt and rosemary in the center (these were huge.. they were quite inexpensive for that reason)

    I wrapped them because I wanted them to cook evenly and it helps them stay moist. 

    A light pork rub on the outside before the smoker

    In the bbq (smoker) with a container of apple juice

    The only good thing about the bbq... the smoke box

    Internal temp of 163 and then out. I measure the temperature of each one individually and took them off the bbq when each reached temp. These are unwrapped. The cord left a nice pale line where you can see the nice smoke color

    Close up of the finished product

    Vacuum packed and ready for the freezer

    As you can see, the cross section is very dense and almost cold cut like but when you take a fork to it all the fibers separate.. very nice finished product.. 

    P.S. I also made some bbq for the chicken

    Almost ready for Alabama! ...
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  2. You got skills my friend!
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    Thank you my good man!  .. I cook for a living but smoking and sausage making is pretty new to me.. I'm loving it! Practice, practice, practice [​IMG]
  4. Nice job! Looks pretty good.
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    Those just look sexy! I love the wrapping and smoking idea as well!

    Points for the inspiration!

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