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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by daveman92789, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. daveman92789

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    I have a 18lbs turkey i plan on smoking & brining. Here is the problem its sunday, its thawed, & i cant smoke until next sunday. Thawing procedure, i put it in my aging fridge where i hang my deer. It stays 34° constant. My question is now that it sat in there for three days its finally thawed. How long can it stay in there before going bad? I plan to brine for three days. Can i leave it in the fridge until tuesday then brine till friday, rinse, pat dry, & let dry in fridge @ 34° until sunday when i can cook it?
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    I think you should be ok. You have 3-4 days once thawed and the Salt in the brine will buy a couple more days. Of course your Nose will know the result. You might consider just Roasting it in the next couple of days and smoke the next one...JJ
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  3. daveman92789

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    Ok thanks, I'll start my brine tomorrow or Tuesday then maybe turn the cooler down to 32 right at freezing but not freeze it. Is there a rub I should put on it or just salt & pepper? How about wood. What's the best wood to smoke with?
  4. waterinholebrew

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    I usually rub mine down with peanut oil or EVOO, put a pat or two of butter under the skin, a light sprinkle of your fav rub or just SPOG ! Let sit in the fridge overnight to dry the skin. I personally like apple wood with poultry !
  5. joe black

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    Look at Jeff's buttermilk brine. I used it on Thanksgiving and everyone really liked it. After the brine, I slathered the bird under the skin and outside with some soft butter mixed with garlic, chives and Jeff's basic rub. I spatchcocked the turkey because that's the way I'm doing all my birds now. I sprinkled the inside with SPOG, the outside with a light SPOG and then a finish of Jeff's rub.

    Give it a try and good luck. I will definitely be doing it again. Joe:yahoo:

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