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    Hey all I'm new here and absolutely love this forum. I have a question or 2 about brines.

    1. If one gallon of brine isn't enough to cover say my 10lb loin how do I go about adding more? Do I just double everything in the recipe?

    2. Can Apple juice be used in brine if I was doing a 14 day brine?

    Sorry if these have been answered before and I'm beating a dead horse.
  2. Doubling it is probably the easiest, but if you're worried about too much waste you can always just make an extra half batch and see where it gets you.

    I'm not sure on the apple juice, as I've never used it, but I don't know what the difference would be between it sitting in the bottle for a few weeks or as part of a brine for a few weeks.  The only thing to me that stands out right away is you may want to cut back on sugar being the juice can be pretty sweet.
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    Awesome thanks for the quick reply. My concern about the juice is it might go bad a create a fermented taste. Sorry maybe I was way over thinking it haha.
    Thanks again Viking
  4. It might be a possibility if it was a fresh juice or cider or something......but I would think the stuff that comes in the plastic jug from the store shelf is probably ok.  I have no research to back this up.  I'm only talking from my own experience of having a bottle of that stuff in the fridge for a month or longer and it's still ok to drink.
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    Thanks guys

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