Brine and Cook time?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by popeyebud, Nov 29, 2011.

  1.     I have a guestion, I'm sure it has been asked before but here it is any way.

    If I have a 25 lb. Whole turkey and the recipe calls for cook time @ 300 deg.should be 12 to 15 min. per lb. If I brine my bird for 24 hr.and then cook this bird how much will the cooking time per lb. change.

    I am cooking this bird in a BGE with lump charcoal.

    I'm really sorry if this is a repete question,

    Thank you for any Information you may have.

    popeyebud (o:
  2. smokinrick

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    I just finished two big birds (18 and 22 lbs) in a similar rig using split oak and lump charcoal. Brined first for 2 days, then 8 hours at 220 until thickest part of breast and thighs was at 165. Brining should make little difference in cook time. Finished temperature is all that counts.

    Enjoy the eating.
  3. owlcreeksmoker4

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    i would focus more on the internal temperature than the cooking time. too many variables in smoking to go strictly by time. go for a solid 160-165 with a meat probe
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Owlcreek, you have the idea, time is only an estimate and temp. is your goal.

    I use the timing thingy all the time for an idea for getting my smokes off the Smoker.I know I can hold my meal for a few Hours in a "cambro-or pseudo-cambro).

    Continue going by temp. and just judge the cooking time.Again, you have the basics, keep smoking and enjoying.

    Stan    aka    oldschool
  5. smokinal

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    What the guys said, you want to make sure to cook by temp not time, but as far as a time estimate at 300 degrees, I usually figure about 20 minutes per pound. That would include the rest time. It will stay hot for a couple of hours with foil wrapped tightly over the roasting pan. Just leave a temp probe in it & when it drops to around 140 then you need to slice it up. It will cook a little quicker if it's brined.

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