Brick Smoker with Firewood storage and built-in gas grill.

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  1. I got the stainless steel doors from my old Charbroil gas grill.  The bottom arched "doors" are actually a hinged fireplace screen that I got online for $75 (during a half-price sale).  I had to cut some stainless sheet metal to place on the inside so it forced the majority of the heat up towards the smoke box and chimney.  I left the bottom three inches or so open to allow air to enter to feed the fire.  I ordered the louvered propane tank door from some website (I don't remember) for around $125.

    Thanks all for the kind words on the brick-work.  I enjoyed learning to lay the different types of patterns.  The ones on the sides and back of chimney that are turned sideways were the hardest by far.  I don't know what they are called, but I saw the pattern on a building and tried to emulate it.
  2. I figure that this smoker was an investment for the property.  If we were "shudder" ever to move, I am sure the guy or gal who enjoyed BBQing and smoking meat would talk about the outdoor kitchen more than the house itself.  If you need additional pics or plans (just ones I drew up), I can share them.
  3. To carve the bricks, I printed the names on a regular piece of paper, trimmed around the name and then taped the paper to the brick.  I then used a bit to trace the letters with the Dremel.  My family's names are "Coste" (paternal grandparents), "Bronson" (step-dad), and "Trusty" (maternal grandparents).  My wife's are "Ries" and "Albritton".  I might have carved these on the bricks that are move visible, but the bricks are not as smooth as the solid ones that I am using as "fire bricks".

    I am all about family!
  4. Fabulous work man! I didn't know I wanted one of those...let me see?!

    * Cold curing chamber-Needed
    * Trailer mounted RF smoker-Needed
    * Sausage Stuffer-Needed
    * Meat slicer-Needed
    * Vacuum Sealer-Needed
    * My own Walk-in pantry-Needed (Thanks Squirrel)

    * Brick, backyard grill/smoker (complete with custom engraving)-Needed

    SMF is gonna cost me!


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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I'd definitely add the smoke chamber to the fireplace.  I can share some of the details of how I constructed mine, but you'd basically be placing some steel angle across the opening at different levels to place your racks.  I need to take some pics of how my main rack for food slides out and its construction. 

    I have about 900 bricks in the build total.  All of the exterior bricks are the same color.  I found some off of Craigslist that didn't match the color of outside bricks that form the inside wall of the wood storage area and the propane tank area.  I then have about 100 of the old solid bricks (that are slightly thicker and larger than a standard brick that I use for fire bricks to insulate the fire box.
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    What a nice job!!!  Like a dream come true!!
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    Looks fantastic!
  10. Ok, some of you asked for it.  Here are a few more construction pictures that might be helpful.

    The stainless doors were from my old Broilmaster grill and were intended to hide the propane tank.  They get a lot of heat here and may not last too long.  I might have the guy who custom-built the frame from 1 1/2" steel angle build me a steel door (his idea).

     You can see the steel angle here that holds the tray that allows me to move the grates out of the grill.  It is about 40" tot he back of the smoker and my arms aren't that long and putting my head in there while cooking is not comfortable.

    This pic shows the frame I built to pour the concrete countertops.  I used a 2x4 a 1x6 and a piece of trim at the top for a decorative edge.  Also, you can see the 4 or 6" gap at the bottom of the doors where the airflow comes in for the fire.

    This picture helps visualize the dimensions and shows you my piles of bricks.

    I am so glad to not be at this stage any more.  I was just visualizing how this would work and my wife thought I had bitten off more than I could chew.

    Ok... time to get back to work.
  11. Beautiful!  To me,  Brick + Fire  + Outdoors =  Beautiful...ALWAYS!   Add food to that, and it's ten times better! [​IMG]
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    Awesome job!!  
  13. Wow, well done, quite impressive! You should be quite proud, you can tell that a lot of thought was put into it.
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    Wow this is a great one
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    A true work of art built by some one with love and passion for what he was doing.

    Ronnie G.
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    very nice. i'm working on one now. but sure it won't look as nice as that!
  20. Id love to see some pics of your build!

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