Brick smokehouse build help needed please

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  1. So this 100 year old milk house is being repurposed into a smoke house, and I'm looking for as much advice from the pros as I can get. The dementions are 8.5 feed wide 7 feed deep and 7.5 tall. Looking for advice for heat source, would like to be able to reach 250 degrees and something that I don't have to baby every 15 minutes. Also any suggestions on roof shape
  2. Here are a few more pictures
  3. Inside view
  4. Take notice of the hole in the floor, this is where they stored the milk before it was picked up by the milkman. There is an artisan well that pump cold water into this space and kept the milk cold. The space below the floor is all cement as well and about 24 deep.
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    With all the thermal mass of the concrete, I would abandon the smokehouse idea...   I'm gonna guess you will never get it to 250 unless you have a cord of wood to heat it up...  Above 212, the moisture in the concrete will turn to steam and it might blow the concrete apart and crack it...  Water expands 1600 times to get to steam....   I had a block smokehouse...  Took 16 hours to get it up to temp and it was 4 x 4 x 10'....
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    What if he sectioned off a corner for Hotsmoking and lined with firebrick? A 4x4x6 area? The other part of that half of shed could be for cold smoking. The nursed part would be great for prep and storage of smoking stuff! I'm jealous of the possibilities!

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