Breast way ahead of thighs

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by haydenfox, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. First , Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for all ya'll do.

    Ok, 15 pound, spatchcocked bird. Been in smoker for 4 hrs @ no higher than 315 and no lower than 225. Breast and thighs are currently at roughly 163 degrees. Is this normal? I have the bird laying with its head in the middle of the grill , closest to the fire. Should I turn it around? TIA
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    [​IMG]You are saying the IMT is 163*f? If so,then it should be done. Take the temp in several plaxces.

    It should be done and ready for a rest...

    Have fun and enjoy...
  3. Yes Sir, but I thought the thighs had to be 175  [​IMG]
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    The thighs should be 175.

    How did it turn out!
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  6. Q-view, lol, I dont know how to do that yet.  I thought all ya'll must be kin to Bill Gates or somn'...

    Al, we shall see today. I will say, it was purdy 
  7. Thanks!

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